1. Paramecium13

    A lizard...

    I want a sprite and matching battler of a lizard. It shouldn't look mean or evil nor should it look particularly friendly (e.g. no smiley face). I'd like it to look kind of like a Komodo Dragon. I'd prefer it to be reddish brown or brown. Please feel free to direct me to someone else's (or your...
  2. The Prince of Sarcasm

    Animal Sprites please.

    I was wondering if anybody has a large collection of animal sprites. Not like Granny's list of animal sprites, but a collection by one person, so I don't have to credit a different person for each sprite. I would like any normal animal that you would see on earth today, as well as any dinosaurs...
  3. GrandmaDeb

    Granny's Lists - VX/Ace Animal Sprites

    RPG MAKER VX/ACE RESOURCES~SPRITES VX~~Animal Sprite Compilation~~ACE Please make every effort to use the materials linked here according to the posted Terms and Conditions of the artists, and always credit those who contributed to your game. In addition, please respect the effort represented...
  4. Alexander Amnell

    In need of a llama

       Yesterday my children and I completed a simple little series of mini games chronicling a day in the life of our family dog as she interacts with the other animals that live around her. Two of these animals (who are sadly important to the story) are a mama llama and her daughter, So far we've...
  5. Joby

    RMVX Ace Animal Face Recolor Help

    Hello, if somebody could please recolor this cow in the picture to match this sprite I edited I would really appreciate it! Thanks, Joby If you are planning on doing this, please actually notify me.
  6. Joby

    RMVX Ace Cow Recolor?

    Hello, I would really appreciate if somebody could please recolor this picture and get it done as asked for below: ~ Please recolor the following things with the following adjectives shown. Recolor the white to red Recolor the black to white ​ If you could please get this done shortly, I...
  7. Wawa

    Turkey Chaser! - A Seasonal Game for Thanksgiving!

    Turkey Chaser! A Seasonal Game for Thanksgiving   Abstract: A quick, short, time-attack game. Genre: Arcade, fantasy, puzzle Average Game Time: 10 - 30 minutes ____________________ Setting: Tersho, a boy summoned by the spirit of Thanksgiving, is assigned the task to save thanksgiving...

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