1. Cat Sprites (Recolors of whtdragon's Sprites)

    A bunch of different cat sprites, all based on the wonderful sprites by whtdragon in this thread. Recolors are stated by them to be allowed, and there are also many many many different animal sprites over in that thread that you should definitely check out when in need of more resources! :)...
  2. midnight1443

    Beetles, Hedgehogs, and Wombats; oh my!

    Hello! I'm attempting to make a game with monster catching and battling, but I can't seem to find any Animated SV/Walking monsters of the beetle, hedgehog, or wombat variety. If anyone has one or more of these that I could use commercially, that would be amazing! :D I may attempt to create some...
  3. ovate

    Sideview Battlers: frogs, toucan, and insects

    I extracted frames from animated gif into sideview battler sheet. Credit is not necessary. Source- https://opengameart.org/content/opp2017-sprites-characters-objects-effects Licensed under Public Domain edit:
  4. codapill

    RM2k/3 ChickenQuest 2K3: Rise of the Chimkin

  5. Keddy

    bloody tilesets

    Hey everyone, im kinda new here. I'll make this short. if anyone has any gory slaughter house kind of tilests or is willing to recommend something similar, id be very much appreative. Anything with animals\bloody items would be good! thanks!
  6. Animals sprites, sewer tileset and battle animations

    Hello guys...I am just starting with sprite work and some animations using gimp...they look kinda cartoony...but I hope somebody appreceate them....feel free to use them and edit them anyway you like...giving credit would be nice (credit me as Diego Binder)...I don't take request as I am very...
  7. Jentokki

    Animals for MZ !

    Resource Type: Sprite sets Maker Format: MZ Art Style: Close to MZ or MV style? Description: I need more animals, especially farm animals for RPG Maker MZ! The resources from whtdragon would be perfect, but since i don't own MV, i can't use them... I especially need chickens, ducks and...
  8. RetroExcellent

    RMMV A Rat's Journey - Homeward

  9. OmnislashXX

    Side Battler - Frog?

    How would I go about getting the Frog as a Side View Battler? I want one for the Hex the witch casts upon characters, transforming them into Frogs. I have character sprites in that format but not in the Side Battler Format. Anyone who can help me out, I'll be grateful.
  10. JohnAAPC

    Animals for a zoo

    Hello, this is my first request I am trying to make a zoo game. But I am missing animals from Australia I need just 2 more animal characters that I can use in RPG Maker MV. I am looking for a kangaroo, a platypus. I do not have the rights to any other RPG Makers. Please and thank you.
  11. Tuomo L

    Mature discussion warning; Should dogs be cropped and docked?

    Let us be civil in this topic please. I am aware that people may feel very strongly about this subject but this is a discussion I think we should really have more often, not just here but in general. This practise is actually illegal where I live in and most of Europe but it's actually...
  12. comedianmasta

    FREE REQUEST /HIRED? Art assistance for VX Ace Required for Steampunk Zoo Game

    RPG Maker VX Ace Wild Araz Theme: A Steampunk Lore Dump for a collaborative writing website: Citizens of Antiford (dot com). Wild Araz is a visual representation of their collaborative world of Orr and their titular country of Antiford. Players are a Zoo Employee living in the basement of the...
  13. Lucy Fox

    RMXP [IGMC 2017] Once Upon A Spirit

    “We were out in the fields, collecting some food for the winter, when a crow attacked us and spooked my child so much, its soul escaped its body and clung itself to the bird!” Story You play as a mouse, whose kid's soul was stolen by a crow. A strange ghostly voice gives you the ability to...
  14. afternoon700

    RMMV Ventulus

    Ventulus - Join in the fluffy adventure! Twitter: @tater_games Ventulus is a turn-based, classic style JRPG. Explore Ventulus, a planet where no humans live-as fluffy furballs! (well, we do have a featherball though.) Synopsis Characters Features Screenshots Progress will be updated...
  15. Gallia

    Your favorite animal.

    Hello Everyone, Here i am again with another thread. Today's topic is "Your favorite animal". But... before posting, there is a small rule, you have to specify what breed of animal. So don't say "Dog, Cat, Bird, etc", You are allowed to give multiple answers. Ok now i'm going to give my...
  16. Arisa

    What pets do you have?

    Hiya everyone! :kaohi: If you don't know already, I'm a pet lover~ Animals are family to me! Just not too many animals. :kaoswt: I love cats the most, but I've had a dog too, and bunnies look super cute too! Currently, I only have a cat, Chika the cat~ What pets do you guys have? I'm super...
  17. Gapple

    Character Customization - Animals?

    Hey guys, I've been using RMMV for a while now and in my game I decided I would like to have an animal character. I thought using the Character Generator I would be able to use the customization menus but it doesn't look right. The Generator doesn't provide enough like an animal nose, etc. And...
  18. LeoHeart

    RMMV The Long Road (Demo Available)

    2/25/2017 Update: A new version of the demo has been released! Enjoy! The Long Road is a heartwarming, hilarious and (sometimes) tragic Adventure RPG scheduled to release in Q3 2017 on Steam. At least 5% of all proceeds will go directly to fund no-kill animal shelters! The game features 100%...
  19. Anthro-Generator Parts

    i not sure if this been posted. can someone make Generator parts like, (for RPG Maker MV). (MV Style) Canine, Feline, Rodent , Horse , Shark, Reptile , Goat Snouts (Nose) Bird Beak (Mouth) Lizard Tail, Rabbit Tail, Goat Tail, Bull Tail , Shark Tail , Bird Tail (Tail) Goat Horn...
  20. Canini

    The canini collection of animal events

    Here is a collection of animals events that I have created for my game. This tutorial is aimed at beginners and may be updated in the future.  1 Rabbits that panic when the player comes near Note: the rabbit sprite is from rpgmaker xp since there isn´t one for vx ace 2 Wild horses...

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