1. fightingferrets

    Irina Visual Novel Busts- Slide in/out

    Hello everyone! I've been amazed at all the knowledgeable, helpful people on the forums. I hope my problem isn't a silly one. I'm having an issue with Irina Visual Novel Busts. 1. I want to have characters slide in and slide out. 2. This plugin has the ability to have busts slide in from the...
  2. KaiserDragon

    Animated tiles that's not autotile in XP ???

    Is it possible to have animated tiles in the standard tile-set instead of just auto-tiles? This would be primarily for single/multi tiles for fireplaces, candles, campfires, street lamps... Where some of these would require two or more tiles to make one item. Such as a fireplace that may use...
  3. wonderjosh3000

    Menu Transition Animations?

    So I've scoured the cyberweb looking for any kind of plugin on how to transition to the menu screen, as in, perhaps, have the menu command list slide in from the left and the actor window slide in from the right, and so on. Rather than just pop in suddenly (or fade in, since I've seen plugins...
  4. tale

    Sliding Menu Animation (Tween)

    PD_MenuSlide & PD_TweenAnimation (2017/02/05 Ver.1.01) Creator name: Shio_inu (PixelDOG) Overview Sliding animation for opening the menu screen. Features Plug and play Preview Terms of Use- Can be used for commercial use, mature content, modify material, redistribution after modification...
  5. AdamSakuru

    Animate the Default Parallax BG [Solved]

    Does anyone know if there's a plugin for MV that animates the parallax background (the one that displays under the tile-set)? I see years ago Soulpour had uploaded a plugin that did this, but I think he's inactive now and the link to it is dead. Since I haven't been able to find it, I'd like to...
  6. Need help getting this animated

    I created extra animations on the sprite sheet for a specific character. For example, if my archer uses skill 32, this would activate the "thrust" animation I designed on their sprite sheet, then the thrust animation would play backwards, then play the "swing" animation slowly. Or skill 33...
  7. Wrongful

    Multi-frame Events?

    Maybe there's a better term for this, but I don't know it, so... What I want to do is let events and actors change their sprite in a cycle in the overworld, kind of like a GIF. In the game UNDERTALE, this effect is present very often, such as here. Is there a way to do this in RPGMV? Thanks in...
  8. tale

    Sliding Menu Animation

    Sliding Menu Animation 2014/12/15 Creator name: VIPArcher Introduction This script features a sliding menu animation. Features - Sliding animation applies to default menu and item screen. - It bounces a little at the end. Preview How to Use Paste this script above Main. Script Credit...
  9. EliteZeon

    EliteZeon's Guide to Making Animated Battlers

    Ello there everyone, I am here to attempt to teach yall how to make an Animated Battler for your RPGMaker Project. Wooo!!! In a few easy steps and about an hour or more of work, this tutorial aims to give everyone a chance at making their own unique battlers! Today, we will be covering the...
  10. Wrongful

    Animated Battle Backgrounds?

    Hello! I've been searching for something like this for a while now, but with no success. What I'm looking for is an MV plugin that allows backgrounds to look like a gif, similar to the fights from Earthbound. (Don't worry, no major spoilers in that link.) Of course, I highly doubt that anyone...
  11. Animate moving birds

    Hello guys I'm having a problem in which I dont know how to create birds that fly from one end to another? I have seen others use this but I dont really know how to or what to do.
  12. MeowFace

    Battlers Flip Animation

    Made for a request here. This script simply animate the battlers by flipping their image. (As shown in the example below but with one difference, each battler has its own move timer, they will not be moving at the same time.) This is mainly for frontal battler's image only, those image...
  13. How to animate character sprites

    I wanted to know how to animate the sprites on MV, like make their heads look left and right and arms moving around to grab items, things of those sorts. I want to do animations like in the witch's house game.
  14. Knighteriius

    Animating Actor 4-3

    Hello guys and girls! So I am in desperate need of actor 4-3 to have the back of his hair look as though it's blowing in the wind. This is the reason why: Farron is standing up on a cliff looking down at the kingdom of Amastanth saying his final goodbyes...so I thought it'd look cool and...

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