animated battler

  1. NoOne_Really


    Brief Description/What to Expect: Short, "OMORI"-like, two frame animations of characters’ face in the front view battle status window when idling and/or being affected by certain states. These animations change with your characters if they have a transformation state as well. As a bonus, I’ve...
  2. SV Battlers or static images for enemies?

    Im developing my first game in RMMZ, currently designing some enemies. And i have a question What do your prefer? Animated SV enemies like actors? or the classical static image with a breathing effect? Why?
  3. RMMV Animated SV Enemies problem

    I'm having an issue with the AnimatedSVEnemies plugin where the animated enemy performs said actions super fast, like 1 frame fast. This happens with him attacking or getting hit. I also used the sprite sheet on an actor and that worked correctly. What I find so weird is that the idle animation...
  4. Elhijei

    Elhijei's little edits

    Hi! Here are some edits I made for my project. I wanted to share them! Terms: You can use these edits in free and commercial projects; Credits to me are not mandatory; You can edit them as much as you wish; You can share them (as long as you don’t pretend you did it yourself obviously :D); you...
  5. tammie

    Script Conflict? Crashing in Battle

    Hey. I am using a few scripts for the battle in my RPG Maker game. 1. Galv's Animated Battlers 2. Moghunter's Battle HUD Ex 3. Mogunter's ATB Now I have this one battle in which halfway through, another character joins the fight. I set this up with an event triggered to run in the battle, using...
  6. Killer_Van

    Visual Battlers with Dynamic Equip

    i'm trying to write a script that change the sprite of the animated battler wearing him with their equipment i took the Galv's animated battler script and i modified it like that: 1- I created a method that assign to the equipment a different png for each actor. class RPG::EquipItem def...
  7. EliteZeon

    EliteZeon's Guide to Making Animated Battlers

    Ello there everyone, I am here to attempt to teach yall how to make an Animated Battler for your RPGMaker Project. Wooo!!! In a few easy steps and about an hour or more of work, this tutorial aims to give everyone a chance at making their own unique battlers! Today, we will be covering the...
  8. lvkennelly

    How to flip Yanfly's animated battlers horizontally?

    I've just started using YEP's animated sideview battlers to use sv_actors as enemies which is all working perfectly except for the fact that they're facing the wrong way! Does anyone know any way to flip them horizontally?? Can't find how to anywhere! Thanks!!
  9. BleachBummer

    Victor script errors & MOG script confusion

    Yeah, this is a two in one title but let me explain first. Originally I was using the following scripts made by Victor: Basic ModuleAnimated BattleSkip Battle LogActors BattlersActive Time BattleElement SetCooperation SkillsDamage PopupState GraphicsTarget ArrowToggle TargetRotational...
  10. Kes

    Battler appearing too soon.

    In a particular troop I have set an enemy to appear on turn 2.  I have done this by checking the 'Appear Halfway' box, and by calling it up in turn 2 via the battle event page.  In the Troops tab it shows up as almost invisible, which is what one would expect. When I was using a static Battler...
  11. TheoAllen

    Theolized Sideview Battle System

    Theolized Sideview Battle System (Or if you prefer, you may call it Theo Animated Battle) Version : 1.4 (with patch) Type : Battle System / Battle Engine Opening : This is my first battle system script and my masterpiece script so far. At first, I made this script for my own personal use...
  12. The Forgotten

    Galv's Animated Battlers - Skills Issue

    So, I am using Galv's Animated Battler System. Works great for Actors, not so much for enemies. The normal animations are fine, but when they cast magic, it is instant and right on top of the Actor as he's "retreating" back to the starting position. That's fine for a counterattack, but not for...
  13. Jericho Swain

    Yanfly Battle Engine+Galv's Animated Battler Help !

    Hi community I would like some assistance on "How do you make the enemy sprites move and attack your animated battler during battle instead of just standing on their original spots ?" Now I think this has to do something with the script in Yanfly Battle Engine and Galv's Animated Battlers (I may...
  14. Recruiting a few hobbyists.

    Genre: Fantasy, RPG Rating: Teen+ with some mature content possibly changing this later Platform: RMVXA Based on: Dungeons and Dragons Pay: N/A Wordpress:   Screenshots: Not much right now since it's still in the infant stage of development  Development   Story...
  15. Jericho Swain

    Battler Size Questions

    I just recently returned to RPG Maker VX Ace and I do not remember what the sizes the Animated Battlers are suppose to be. I am currently running Yanfly Engine Ace and Yami Engine Symphony. At the moment, my animated battler is showing the whole grid during battle and it's driving me nuts ...
  16. Arisete™

    Kread-EX - Animated Battler "Speed" issue.

    I been using Kread-EX's Animated Battler for while now and I noticed that the enemies attack too fast. I tried using Yanfly's Ace Engine (Animation Speed), and I also tried Ace Battle Engine's "AUTO_FAST" which makes message not wait. The enemies attack before the actor's "attack" animation...
  17. Holder

    Holders Animated Battlers(MZ-MV-XP-VXAce)

    Holders Animated Battlers -streamline- Give your battles that unique look and make it stand out! Can be used with any engine since RPG Maker XP to MZ and even Unite! Free to use in any engine-Not for NFT use-Commercial and non-commercial use-Free to edit upon-Free to distribute edits (Of my free...

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