animated enemies

  1. RMMV Help with Animated Sideview Enemies (YEP)

    I honestly don't get what I'm doing wrong. I watched the video for the plugin, but it doesn't really cover the "attacking" portion, the whole reason anyone would use this plugin. From what I've been told you "program enemy battlers the same way you do the player battler", but it doesn't seem to...
  2. ThreeSixNine

    RMMV CGMV Encyclopedia and Yanfly Animated Sideview Enemies Compatibililty

    I have been working on a way to show a battler image in CGMV Encyclopedia when using Yanfly's Sideview Animated Enemies. So I have come up with a script that, so far seems to work. if ($dataEnemies[6].battlerName === '' && $dataEnemies.sideviewBattler != '') { $dataEnemies[6].battlerName...
  3. RMMV Trouble implementing animated enemies in RPG Maker MV

    I hope this is in the right place. I'm trying to use Yanfly's Animated Sideview enemies plugin to create breathing sprites in the front-view battle and I've hit several different stages of failure. Initially, it worked. Then when I was adding new assets something went wrong. Initially I was...
  4. Azure_Sinbad

    Help with Yanfly Plugins Animated SV Enemies, Dragonbones and Action Sequence Pack 3

    Hi people, Looking for help with 2 separate issues I'm having with these plugins, first up; In battle when my enemies are going to attack, if I have them animated to run right right up to my party, if there is any overlap between the two, my enemy will be beneath my party characters instead of...
  5. Yanfly Plugins Altered Battles

    Hello Everyone, I have been working on a project and all was well until I installed some of Yanfly's plugins into the project. I followed the instructions from their site and installed the plugins which you will see in the attached screenshot. Before installing these...
  6. Equinox-ThiefofHearts

    Help with YED_SideviewBattler?(Not what you're expecting, unless you read tags)

    Hi... again. :rswt I hate asking for help so much, but I'm clueless when it comes to a lot of JavaScript stuff, but this is a problem I've been struggling with for the past few days, and now am close to a solution with. So let's start from the beginning. I've been trying to get...
  7. Victor Sant

    Using Holder's Battlers

      This tutorial will show how to use 'Holder' style battlers on RPG Maker MV using the plugin VE - Battler Graphic Setup Holder's Battlers download: Required Plugin: - Basic Module: - Battler Graphic Setup: Installing...
  8. jvcscasio

    Cassio's enemies SV-actors

    Hello everyone. I'm working on a new game and I'm using some homemade enemies because I believe, from deep in my heart, that I won't find these animations anywhere. Most of them will be Brazillian folklore monsters and creatures, upgrading latter to some Lovecraftian deities. You can use these...

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