animated enemy problems

  1. RMMV Help with Animated Sideview Enemies (YEP)

    I honestly don't get what I'm doing wrong. I watched the video for the plugin, but it doesn't really cover the "attacking" portion, the whole reason anyone would use this plugin. From what I've been told you "program enemy battlers the same way you do the player battler", but it doesn't seem to...
  2. marbeltoast

    Can anyone help with animated frontview battler spritesheet shenaningans?

    Hey all! So, to cut a long boring story short, I'm using yanfly's animated sideview battlers plugin on frontview enemies. I have found a way to scale up the spritesheet sizes so that they appear properly in-game (that being to take the images and expand them by 400%; each pixel becomes four so...
  3. Uros

    Sideview animated ch. missplace [SOLVED]

    So lets get straight to the point. Whenever i load an animated sprite in my game it show up, not on the left side where most static images go, but in the bottom middle area, i tried changing the x and y position of sprites and it did work but now the health bar and my characters are attacking...

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