animated parallax

  1. DrDhoom

    Parallax Utils

    Parallax Utils v1.2 DrDhoom Introduction Create multipurpose parallaxes to beautify your maps. Features - Unlimited parallaxes. - Can be used as fog or weather. - Each parallax can be disabled via switch. - Easier setup with presets. - Animated parallax with adjustable frame duration and max...
  2. Tsukitsune

    Orange Overlay v1.1.4 + Animated Parallax Add-On (Updated 7Jul17)

    Orange Overlay + Animated Parallax Add-on Orange Overlay 1.1.4 - Plugin DL - (Updated 7July17) With permission from Hudell and thanks to Chaucer for the plugin fix, here's an updated version of Orange Overlay. This version fixes the broken plugin commands people were experiencing when trying...
  3. Candacis

    Problems with Animated Parallax and Lock Parallax

    Hey there, I'm using Yamis Overlay Mapping Script and it works fine, but now I have a river on two maps and want to animate them. So I used Modern Algebra's Animated Parallax Script to get the river animated. This works fine. However the map is bigger than the screen, therefore the parallax...

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