animated title

  1. Animated Title screens and alternate title screen

    So I want to make a game, but I need a way of having an animated title screen, I am already making the animation, but I need to know how I can have it in the title, I want it to look kind of like the one from the game Rain world ( or well, more like with the depth effect, but I guess I can do...
  2. chungsie

    Expecting Keyword End

    I know what the error message means. I have relocated the script to a brand new project, and I get the same results. However, I added the classes in one at a time to find where it breaks. class Window_Coin < Window_Base def initialize(x,y,w,h) super @timer = 0 @frame = 0 end...
  3. TheLastPancake

    How does one make custom title screens?

    I'm looking to start creating unique title screens for each of my games, but currently I have no clue how to do that. I did some searching and found this "Quick Menu Builder"; honestly I don't think it will be much help without some clue as to how to use it. I'm just looking for some advice to...
  4. Hororo

    Mog's animated title screen

    i would like to ask something regarding with mog's animated screen XD in his version of ace the title screen does flips backgrounds of the title screen in every sec/min depends on what you want i want in my case to remove the feature of flipping backgrounds instead it will just stay with the...

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