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  1. 9tkitsune

    RMMV front view enemy animations

    Hello dear fellow creators! I am using RMMV with the basic front view perspective for battles. Can I "force" RPG-maker MV to play the enemy's battle animations, even when it's this frontal-view mode? I tried to set / use animations in " screen " mode, but they only show when player sv...
  2. Animation Used Before Attack [SOLVED]

    So, whenever I use an attack skill, another animation appears on the user before using the specified animation on the enemy.
  3. UncannyBoots

    No attack animation if the attack misses

    It has always bothered me to see my character's attack clearly hit the enemy, only for it to then "miss". And so, as the title says, I'd like for an attack animation to not play until after the battle scene determines whether an attack hits or misses, and if the attack misses, the animation will...
  4. oofermansa

    Is there anyway to change the battle system without scrips or plug ins

    Hi I am relatively new I have been working on my game for years now but with covid I have more time than ever. Anyway I currently cannot afford the $70 for the full version of Rpg maker vx ace so Im just using the lite version. Ive been trying to change the battle system to be side POV and have...
  5. AggroAzteca

    [Help] Looking for a tutorial for Battle Animations.

    Hello everyone I hope this is labelled correctly as I hope to get this problem solved quickly. I'm currently working on my first demo for my game "Glory's Fools" I've entered in to the animation generation section of my game development but I'm having trouble getting the files to import...
  6. CriticalGames

    Shake Screen during Animation

    Hi everyone, I've had a bit of a problem with this for a while now, and haven't found a solution. I need a way to shake the screen during a battle animation. I know that I can Macgyver a sort of solution by using common events to shake the screen in-between or after animations have played, but...
  7. Dallowallo

    Front Combat animation help

    I'm trying to making a game where the fights take place in front view, but whenever a character of your party attacks they emerge from the bottom of the screen and attack facing the enemy and disappear. I just don't know how to execute such a thing, and if I should use any plugins. I'm a novice...
  8. Weird animation glitch

    Hey, I’ve just started using RPGmaker MV and I seem to have this weird bug that only affects one of my actors. Whenever they use a normal attack, this gunshot animation plays over the already playing selected animation. Any ideas on how I could get that to stop would be very appreciated, thanks
  9. S.Court

    Hime's Attack animation script

    Hello, I was trying to use Hime's attack animation script, but sadly the link with the script is down, does someone know where else to find this script? Thank you

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