animation bug

  1. Animation not appearing on Yanfly's action Sequence Pack

    Hello, Basically, whenever I try to put an animation inside the "<whole action>" tag, the animation doesn't play at all, it just gets skipped instead. This issue only affects the animations, not other commands like "action effect", and it only appears when I put the animation command...
  2. Tonedawg181

    SOLVED!! Dragonbones Breaks Animations of Non-Dragonbone SV Enemies.

    Engine: RPG Maker MV v1.5.0 Problematic Plugin: KELYEP_DragonBones v1.05 & YEP_X_AnimatedSVEnemies working together. UPDATE: Scroll down to the first comment in the comments section of this post if you have this same problem! I have fixed it!!!! Ok, so I'm using yanfly's animated sv enemies...
  3. theolis-wolfpaw

    Small Animations Frames not Displaying

    So I found what I assume is a bug in the base game. For some reason when I play an animation with frames about 70% or smaller those frames don't ever show, no matter how many times I play the animation or how long the game is loaded. This only happens when I'm in full play test and not the...
  4. Tatsude K. Hitori

    Having trouble with Journey Battle System script.

    Basically, all animations in battle are jittery and sometimes existing in two places at once. Here's an example video I made a little bit ago.
  5. Talking to an NPC from a certain side, changes his animation to another NPC graphic

    Hey guys,  I have an NPC in my game that has a VERY LONG conversation tree but nothing inside the tree would change his graphics at all (and the only variable he manipulates are ones to set for the quest he gives to activate or disable the entry in the quest journal).  Whenever I try to talk...

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