animation graphics

  1. AlphaOmega

    Arrow Rain

    Resource Type: Premade Animation Maker Format: MV Art Style: Using default Animation sheet "ArrowSpecial" that comes with the program, side view battles Description: So i suck at making my own animations, and am wanting a little help please! if someone could make a little one skill...
  2. SakuraMiya

    Animations help

    I'm making custom fighting animations, but I noticed that the black-colored ones look transparent. Already tried to import them and copypasting them directly and it doesn’t work. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Any way to extend the generator into providing useful sprites for cutscenes?

    Hey all, I've hit a standstill in the development of my game, and it's because drawing and animations are simply not my thing. It takes me ages to do anything, and it comes out pretty poor. So, I was wondering if there is a plugin for the generator that would produce sprites with animations to...
  4. Using battler sprites outside of battle

    Newbie here so this may be a silly question: I’m working on a game without much battling. I’ve noticed that the battler sprites are far more varied than the walking ones, and want to use them for animations. For example, I was making a cutscene in which an npc trips, and there’s an equivalent...
  5. Austintatious

    Is there a way to change the contrast of a battler sprite mid-battle?

    It looks really cool when I drag the contrast all the way to the left using this img2pix program and I want to use a similar effect as the death animation for enemies. I don't want to make a youtube account so you'll have to mentally interpolate how it looks from these pics. How do I implement...
  6. Juanita Star

    Change Animation format

    I need to use some animations, but they are in RPG Maker XP format (Or so I believe?). In the TOS of the site, is said that the material can be used as we wish as long as we don’t sell it. And I was wondering if there is a way to format this to VX/Ace type of animation sheet or if someone could...
  7. Juanita Star

    Buttlerfly Animations

    Resource Type: Animations Maker Format: Rpg Maker VX Art Style: Mack (does this matter in animation? Putting it anyways) Description: I’m looking for magic butterflies… or whatever kind of animation containing butterflies, seriously. I’m a disgrace in animating, so if it not something you...
  8. Shefflox

    A little guidance into Creating Action Sprites

    This is for RPG Maker MV just to clarify. My question is for anyone who has done this and is not at all a request more of guidelines for doing this. I'm new to doing pixel art for my game, and I am attempting to make sprites in action. For example one of my characters I want to make him be able...
  9. Angel.K1tty

    Bind Battle Animations to Map

    Hello! I'm making a map where I need a magic circle and I decided to add a battle animation on loop for special effects. The problem, though, is that the animation moves with the camera instead of staying in place like I want it to. I've inserted a gif of my problem in-game. Please help!
  10. Lion Tamarin

    Question about RPG Maker limitations

    Hello people, I'll try to be as much objective as possible. I decided I want to develop a game and I'm willing to spend a lot of time and effort doing it. I'm a digital artist, so I can draw things with a relatively great quality. I'll draw original characters, backgrounds, animations and...
  11. Animation Blend type normal(problem)

    I was trying to make an animation with the new animation graphics. So I crop out the animation graphic with the program Paint and the background was black, for some reason I can't change it back to white completely excluding the graphics. So I just import the animation and blend it to normal...

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