1. [SPRITES] Hibiki

    Hibiki Saiba, the SFM model, now in form of sprites for RPG Maker MV. It contains a full set of faces and walk&damaged sprites. ex: Also, it contains an image for an enemy. You can download it in itchio: Feel free to leave comments...
  2. thecursedcometh

    Sequential Animations?

    Is there a way to make animations play in sequence one after the other for multi target abilities? Like this video from Persona 5, timestamp at 1:08 to demonstrate what I mean. Video here Notice how the animation hits one actor, then plays on the second about a half second later? That's what...
  3. Devildimos

    Playing more than 1 Animations on 1 event/player on map [RMVX ACE]

    Ahoy Hearties! Avast Ye! Today I was doing a big test run throughout my game... And I simply got annoyed about the Limit cap of animations that can be played simultaneously on one Event/Player. I went through the default rpg scripts to see if there was a way to increase this and found out that...
  4. Lo0bo0

    [SOLVED] Help deleting animations

    Hello, I need help to delete an animation. I have a scene where at some moment an animation is played. I add this animation to the scene via the command: Show Animation. But then how do I delete it?, I haven´t found a way to delete it, once the scene continues and I no longer want the...
  5. tale

    kotonoha* - Counter Animation (Battle)

    CounterAnimation - 2016/05/18 ver1.1 Creator name: kotonoha* Overview Plays an animation when a counterattack was about to happen. If you have an animation of reflect barrier for physical attack would fit. Feature - You can set Animation ID through parameter - AnimationWait param for...
  6. tale

    kotonoha* - Critical Animation, Actor State Color

    CriticalAnimation - 2016/03/10 Creator name: kotonoha* Overview Animation plays when a critical hit happens Feature - You can set Animation ID through parameter Animation ID plays when a critical hit occurs. Note: applies to all critical attacks, including from enemies. Preview Credit...
  7. Magic reflect animation

    Is there a way to show the animation of the spell that's reflected back to the attacker? For example, if an enemy casts an ice spell on me the animation of that ice spell would hit the enemy before taking damage.
  8. KineticDog

    Sync Animation Flash to Custom Added Picture Elements

    Hi there. In the battle scene, I inserted some extra static picture resources to each party members' sprite area(To be more specific, they are put under 'Sprite_Actor._spriteParts'). They are used to implement one feature of the game in my plan. They are supposed to be looking like a part of the...
  9. chyj4747

    Is there a way that can use animated tiles which have more than 3 frames?

    1. the tileset can be set in mv database for passable setting and can be used to draw map in mv, which mean it needs to be in mv defined scale. 2. when run the game, it will play more than 3 frames animation Is there any plugin that can do this? Otherwise I have to write this plugin myself...
  10. Sprite resolution issue.

    Hey guys. I'm learning how to use RMVXA and ran into an issue. I had created a custom sprite and imported it, yet for some reason, when I move my character, pixels get squished or thinned out. I'll attach my sprite sheet along with a snapshot of what it looks like. As you can see, the eye is a...
  11. tale

    RTP VX Ace Battlers (SMT-Pixel) + Battler Death Animations (Thanos Effect)

    I used PixaTool to convert VX Ace Battlers to pixel art with minor sharpen effect. no anti-alias Pixel art style looks a bit reminiscent to older Shin Megami Tensei however not as smooth. In addition, death animations are made from Juice FX with Thanos Effect. 20 frames long Thanos Effect is...
  12. Enemy Attack Animation

    Good evening. While working on battle animations for a first person game, I've been thinking about how to indicate to the player which enemy is attacking, without having the enemy flash on screen. Eventually I decided to settle on an animation system similar to what we see in Lisa the Painful...
  13. tale

    [CodeManu] Pixel Effects Pack Animations reformat (Public Domain)

    I reformatted CodeManu Free Pixel Effects Pack animations from opengameart into XP/ VX Ace/ MV animation sheet. 20 pixel-art effects, may be effective for status effects or attack/ spells. Animations style reminds me a bit of GBA Golden Sun License- Public Domain Credit...
  14. Lance of Longinus

    Lasers/Drawing a line from battler to monster?

    Is there any kind of plugin that would allow the possibility of making a colored line go from a player character to a monster in battle? Does any kind of tutorial dealing with drawing lines exist? Or what kind of stuff with javascript would I need to know to do that? (I'm trying to get lasers...
  15. tale

    [Viktor Hahn] Pixelated Attack/Hit Animations reformat

    I reformatted Viktor Hahn Pixelated Attack/Hit Animations from opengameart into XP/ VX Ace/ MV animation sheet. A couple of pixel-art attack, hit and sword swing animations. Blasts not included Tip: it adds a lot visually to have attack animations in roguelike dungeon crawlers, even without...
  16. Runnyyy

    Help using animated sprites with several frames (Fixed!)

    Hello again! I'm making this post to request how I would go about using a specific spritesheet with several frames for an event (specifically, for this sprite: LINK ) I understand how to use simple animated sprites such as walking sprites and door opening sprites, but since this spritesheet...
  17. Captain_Joshua

    State that changes opacity upon running out? Animation on running out state finishing?

    I have a state that is essentially supposed to make a character disappear from combat for X turns. The skill that applies this state changes the targets opacity to 0 and the state makes it so they cannot move or be targeted. However, the problem is that I am not sure how to change the opacity...
  18. tale

    [Soluna Software] 9 Animation Effects (reformat)

    I reformatted Soluna Software animation effects from opengameart into XP/ VX Ace/ MV animation sheet. Download includes 9 images (png)- Aura, 4 effects, 4 explosions Preview License- Public Domain (CC0) Use this as you like. You do not need to credit Soluna Software Author's website...
  19. radarhead

    Minor Animation Bug

    I've just started a project in MV and encountered a minor but annoying bug with an animated switch. When the player flips the switch the first time (animation plays forwards) it looks fine. But when it's toggled back (animation plays backwards) the sprite "flickers" and reverts to the first...
  20. Yanfly's Animated Side View Enemies Using Wrong (Attack) Animation

    Hello, I'm having an issue with the Enemy Battler animations at first I though the Attack animation wasn't working but after a little tweaking of the sprite sheets the Battlers seem to use the "Use Skill" Frames Rather than "Swing/Stab/Shoot" Frames. EDIT: This is presumably because they are...

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