1. LunaFamiliar

    RMMV YEP Anim SV Enemies Animation Off-Centre (Static battlers)

    Hi everyone! First of all this is like my second post ever so I hope I put it in the right spot >< I've been having this issue with my project for months now and I've put off trying to fix it because I have no idea where to start. I have C# knowledge but zero Java experience. Using Yanfly's...
  2. collection 'ii-quantum'!

    I recently contacted RPG Maker Web on Facebook asking if the collection 'ii-quantum' will be ported from MV over to MZ, I was swiftly told 'A lot of them will work as is.' but 'Battle Animations though are one that are hard to do when the original pack wasn't created using the particle engine...
  3. Journey_Sticks

    Animations: Skill, Bug Net, Summon, Modern Military, Ranged Weapons

    Credit for Summon Ifrit: hiddenone, Kadokawa, & Avery Non-Commercial: Free to use Commercial: Free to use but let hiddenone know & send Avery a free copy Must own a valid copy of RPG MAKER MV Credit to...
  4. TheeWARIO

    Clouds on Title Screen.

    Ok so I have my title screen completed but I'm in need of some moving transparent make it seem more lively. Nothing special just something to move from right to left. I'm open to any ideas, though I would prefer to stay away from Plugins but if no other way I will use it.
  5. UncannyBoots

    No attack animation if the attack misses

    It has always bothered me to see my character's attack clearly hit the enemy, only for it to then "miss". And so, as the title says, I'd like for an attack animation to not play until after the battle scene determines whether an attack hits or misses, and if the attack misses, the animation will...
  6. Carogui1

    RMMV Show Buff Animation on Character - Act Sequence

    Hello, It's possible create a buff animation on character with act sequence by Yanfly? But, a animation that persists on actor during some turns. I cannot discover how to make that. I using RPG Maker MV.
  7. tale

    Fast Forward Animation in Battle [MZ]

    MPP_FastForwardAnimation.js - 2020/12/26 (ver. 1.0) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Allows you to accelerate animations in battle. This plugin is for RPG Maker MZ. | Note: It's actually a battle speed-up plugin. ▼ Fast Forward Type 〇 long press - Press and hold the Ok or Shift...
  8. nebula621

    *Solved* Animation on mouse click and other mouse related issues

    EDIT: Solution for anyone who has the same issues: 1- . MimosaCursor and MouseSystemEx work well together! 2 - .Wondeful SigmaSuccour told me about SAN_TouchAnimation which is exactly what I was looking for ! Original post: Hello! I just got MV so I wanted to try and make a project...
  9. tale

    Face Chat System - "Tales of" skits

    PD_Facechat & PD_TweenAnimation (2017/02/05 v2.00) Creator name: Shio_inu (PixelDOG) Overview Face chat system like a "Tales of" series skits. How to use Face Chat System Creating and Preparing Files The graphics for face chat uses the following parts ・Main/ Base: (メインパーツ) Eyes for...
  10. Gravemaster

    12-Sprite Death Animation

    I imagine this is relatively simple, but for the life of me, I cannot find an easy answer. So, I recently had a custom animations made on order. I had figured out I would just copy-paste and modify a door event's move route and be done with it, but I can't find out how to make an event play...
  11. Norinu02

    Battle Starts Question

    I wanna know if there is any way of when starting a battle for it to appear a custom animationWhat I had in mind is something smimilar to what happens in Ace Attorney when the questioning begins! If anyone has any idea I would really appreciate it! Maybe there is a plugging that can help me...
  12. tale

    Glass Breaking Picture Effect

    NGT_Shatter - 1.0.0 (2019/03/17) Author: Velfare Nagata Overview Effects are applied in the plugin parameters- Picture can have glass breaking effect by picture ID upon a plugin command Features - There's six different sample effects to choose from. - Try using them or modify parameters...
  13. Eliaquim

    Eli Easing Pictures - Add the Robert Penner easing animation to pictures!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction By default, RPG Maker MZ comes with only 4 types of easing animations: Linear - Standard movement. Slow Start - In Quad Slow End - Out Quad Slow Start/End - In/Out Quad Although that is great, when comparing with MV, it could also be better! This plugin adds...
  14. tale

    Dice MV

    KURAGE_Dice - 2017/08/03 Creator name: Y.KURAGE Introduction Dice plugin with pictures and rolling animation. img/pictures is where 6 dice images are used. Note: Picture 1 is default for dice picture from plugin parameters. Pictures and sounds are included in project download. Features -...
  15. Lonewulf123

    BattleBacks “slide into view”

    Hello, I’m looking for a snippet that will allow a battleback2 to quickly scroll across the Screen at the start of combat. it’s different from a scrolling battleback because it doesn’t constantly scroll; only scroll at the start and to its normal position. Basically, the image would start...
  16. Ina00

    slow hp bar animation

    When an enemy inflict damage to the actor I don't want the bar to go down directly to the inflicted value, but to go down slowly in order to give the player a way to intervene, for example to heal himself, if he gets it in time. This function is also in earthbound. Example: The actor has 100 hp...
  17. Elhijei

    RMMV YEP DoT/Regen + Barrier, show animation even if 0 value

    Hello, this is my first post, forgive me if it's not the right place :) I need some help. I'm using YEP's DoT/Regen plugin as well as the barrier one. I'm making an accessory that gives the one who wears it get each turn a barrier equal to 1% of their max hp. So I linked the item to a passive...
  18. Sparky89

    Where can I find a tutorial on falling leaves.

    See Gif I would like to try and make my own with easy to do Tutorial if any.. Can anyone recommend anything? Thank you. Sparky89. See url for GIF example.
  19. Kupotepo

    Animation MV Plugin for RPG Maker MZ

    Author: Triacontane from JP forums. You can use the RPG Maker MV animation preview method together with the new MZ preview method in RPG Maker MZ. You can automatically copy the required resources during playtesting by specifying the path of the MV project. This plugin is released under the MIT...
  20. ToastyCheese

    Pixelated Material

    Despite my not-loving the way RMMZ has implemented effekseer by default, I have faith that someone will have a script to fix it some day. That said, I know that there are many people who will still miss the pixely look of the Pre-MZ sprite sheet animations. While this is in no way as good as a...

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