1. Norinu02

    Battle Starts Question

    I wanna know if there is any way of when starting a battle for it to appear a custom animationWhat I had in mind is something smimilar to what happens in Ace Attorney when the questioning begins! If anyone has any idea I would really appreciate it! Maybe there is a plugging that can help me...
  2. tale

    Glass Breaking Picture Effect

    NGT_Shatter - 1.0.0 (2019/03/17) Author: Velfare Nagata Overview Effects are applied in the plugin parameters- Picture can have glass breaking effect by picture ID upon a plugin command Features - There's six different sample effects to choose from. - Try using them or modify parameters...
  3. Eliaquim

    Eli Easing Pictures - Add the Robert Penner easing animation to pictures!

    Author: Hakuen Studio Introduction By default, RPG Maker MZ comes with only 4 types of easing animations: Linear - Standard movement. Slow Start - In Quad Slow End - Out Quad Slow Start/End - In/Out Quad Although that is great, when comparing with MV, it could also be better! This plugin adds...
  4. tale

    Dice MV

    KURAGE_Dice - 2017/08/03 Creator name: Y.KURAGE Introduction Dice plugin with pictures and rolling animation. img/pictures is where 6 dice images are used. Note: Picture 1 is default for dice picture from plugin parameters. Pictures and sounds are included in project download. Features -...
  5. Lonewulf123

    BattleBacks “slide into view”

    Hello, I’m looking for a snippet that will allow a battleback2 to quickly scroll across the Screen at the start of combat. it’s different from a scrolling battleback because it doesn’t constantly scroll; only scroll at the start and to its normal position. Basically, the image would start...
  6. Ina00

    slow hp bar animation

    When an enemy inflict damage to the actor I don't want the bar to go down directly to the inflicted value, but to go down slowly in order to give the player a way to intervene, for example to heal himself, if he gets it in time. This function is also in earthbound. Example: The actor has 100 hp...
  7. Elhijei

    RMMV YEP DoT/Regen + Barrier, show animation even if 0 value

    Hello, this is my first post, forgive me if it's not the right place :) I need some help. I'm using YEP's DoT/Regen plugin as well as the barrier one. I'm making an accessory that gives the one who wears it get each turn a barrier equal to 1% of their max hp. So I linked the item to a passive...
  8. Sparky89

    Where can I find a tutorial on falling leaves.

    See Gif I would like to try and make my own with easy to do Tutorial if any.. Can anyone recommend anything? Thank you. Sparky89. See url for GIF example.
  9. Kupotepo

    Animation MV Plugin for RPG Maker MZ

    Author: Triacontane from JP forums. You can use the RPG Maker MV animation preview method together with the new MZ preview method in RPG Maker MZ. You can automatically copy the required resources during playtesting by specifying the path of the MV project. This plugin is released under the MIT...
  10. ToastyCheese

    Pixelated Material

    Despite my not-loving the way RMMZ has implemented effekseer by default, I have faith that someone will have a script to fix it some day. That said, I know that there are many people who will still miss the pixely look of the Pre-MZ sprite sheet animations. While this is in no way as good as a...
  11. Is it possible: Slide menu with animations?

    Hello! I am completely new to RPG Maker and the forum, I hope I'm posting my question in the right place :) I'm wondering if there's a way to create a menu like the one in Super Mario All-Stars for SNES. Here's a linkt to an example: I'd love for the selected title-screen to also be animated...
  12. SakuraMiya

    Help with animations

    While working on custom fighting animations, I noticed than when I add black-colored ones, they look transparent. Is there a way to fix it?
  13. Awesomejr44

    Are Spreadsheet Based Animations being 'Removed' from RPG Maker MZ?

    This may have already been asked somewhere else on the forum, so forgive me if that's the case, but I was wondering if the traditional spreadsheet animation format will be included in MZ. The Steam page showcases the new 3D animation format, but when I viewed the screenshot of the animation's...
  14. Walking under - Blender - Png - Help

    Felt it was easier to illustrate my exact situation. I apologize if this has been asked before. I purchased MZ early and got MV and have understood MZ will have more layer options? In any case, I hope there's a way to make it happen. Anyones help is greatly appreciated.
  15. TWU_Games

    Critical Hit Animation

    Hi all! First post! So, I've been attempting to find a plugin that will play an animation on a critical hit and while I've found one plugin that'll do it really well (\) sadly it conflicts with...
  16. nintendowii111

    Play animation in front of player relative to direction (Map)

    I've been using QABS and while i can already play an animation in front of the player(all on map), it doesn't change direction with the player. So basically if I have a sword animation. it will work facing down, but not any other way,(animation doesn't stay with characters direction.) If anyone...
  17. [SPRITES] Hibiki

    Hibiki Saiba, the SFM model, now in form of sprites for RPG Maker MV. It contains a full set of faces and walk&damaged sprites. ex: Also, it contains an image for an enemy. You can download it in itchio: Feel free to leave comments...
  18. thecursedcometh

    Sequential Animations?

    Is there a way to make animations play in sequence one after the other for multi target abilities? Like this video from Persona 5, timestamp at 1:08 to demonstrate what I mean. Video here Notice how the animation hits one actor, then plays on the second about a half second later? That's what...
  19. Devildimos

    Playing more than 1 Animations on 1 event/player on map [RMVX ACE]

    Ahoy Hearties! Avast Ye! Today I was doing a big test run throughout my game... And I simply got annoyed about the Limit cap of animations that can be played simultaneously on one Event/Player. I went through the default rpg scripts to see if there was a way to increase this and found out that...
  20. Lo0bo0

    [SOLVED] Help deleting animations

    Hello, I need help to delete an animation. I have a scene where at some moment an animation is played. I add this animation to the scene via the command: Show Animation. But then how do I delete it?, I haven´t found a way to delete it, once the scene continues and I no longer want the...

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