1. Xyonel

    suggestion about how to animate waters in parallaxes?

    the title tell everything ;D just propose different method and argue about those, in order to get the most memory and cpu efficient.
  2. EHCB

    Getting the currently displayed stepping frame of an event

    Hello! I have some events that I want to behave differently depending on which image is chosen for them in the editor It was straightforwad to check which direction the events facing but I can't for the life of me find a way of referencing the current frame. I'm hoping it's something simple...
  3. Uzuki

    Image not showing up in Animation tab

    Hey, everyone. I'm trying to use a black square or half-square for a camera shutter effect for a skill animation. The trouble is that the black parts don't show up in the animation tab in the database. Am I doing something wrong here?
  4. LunaCyclone

    How do I use new weapon sheets?

    I've come across some amazing weapon sheets that I want to use for sv battles. I have yanfly's weapon animation plugin, but the files need to be separate and not on sheets. How does one go about making use of them? I can't seem to figure it out.
  5. Custom Character Creation + Sideview Animations

    Hey all. Like most RPG's, I want the player to create their own character at the start of the game. In combat, I hand animate the attacks every player / party member uses on the screen. The animation isn't just the "effect" of the attack (like a slash without the char shown), it shows the...
  6. Changing which foot a sprite has forward

    Hey all! I am planning to animate some environment objects by making sprites that turn clockwise every few milliseconds. I discovered that I can fit three separate animations into a single "character" by having a different one in each vertical column. If the sheet's "right foot forward" frame...
  7. LawrenceindaSky

    Show Battle Animation on Actor

    So I've fallen into another issue, I can't seem to figure out how to show a Animation during a Battle on a Actor. I've tried using "Force Battle Animation" but it's for Enemies only. I only want to show animation for a specific scene in my game. Is there a script call I can do? (Sorry for asking...
  8. NinjaKittyProductions

    Play an animation on the map with mouse click?

    Hello gamers and developers! I have run into a little snag with a mini-game that I am currently concocting. More details on that later. I was wondering if I would need a plugin or if it is possible to be able to play an animation... let's say Fire One 2... when I click with the left mouse...
  9. Captain_Joshua

    Display different equipped weapon during battle?

    I have a battler that is dual wielding two weapons. One of them is a knife and the other weapon is a bat. Some of the battlers skills are stab/slash attacks that are done with the knife and some are bashing attacks done with the bat. The knife is normally equipped in the first battle slot. The...
  10. Is there a plugin that allows me to use programs like "spine 2d animation"?

    Is there a plugin that allows me to use programs like "spine 2d animation"? The purpose of use is as follows. 1.Replaces the character sprite animation 2.Change the appearance of characters when wearing items (using "skin" function) -skin: The image registered at the set position is replaced...
  11. fbu

    Character Movements (Idle, Walk and Run)

    Character Movements (Idle, Walk and Run) DESCRIPTION: Allows for player movement to cycle between 3 character sheets: idle, walk and run. EXAMPLE: CODE: /* <Character Movement> v 0.1 - 31 August 2019 GIT_HUB...
  12. fightingferrets

    Irina Visual Novel Busts- Slide in/out

    Hello everyone! I've been amazed at all the knowledgeable, helpful people on the forums. I hope my problem isn't a silly one. I'm having an issue with Irina Visual Novel Busts. 1. I want to have characters slide in and slide out. 2. This plugin has the ability to have busts slide in from the...
  13. Kirbster

    Showing Animations for Healing Spells in RM2000

    Hey all, hoping to get some closure on this vexing old problem. We all know that in RPG Maker 2000, the front-view battle system means you only see the battle animations for attacks that target the enemy, regardless of the source. But is there a way to cheat this with self-targeting spells the...
  14. MisterHex

    How did the developper of Changed did the transfur animation ?

    I've been trying to make an animation for the player getting assimilated with the living milk pudding, after getting a medium result. Now I'm here asking.
  15. Uzuki

    Has Anyone Here Use Juice FX For Their Project?

    Hey everyone, so I was wondering if anyone has used Juice FX, a pixel animation program, for their project? It says that the sprite animations can be exported as sprite sheets and thus can be used for any engine, but seeing as it's relatively new there hasn't been any pictures of what that looks...
  16. Ezpaguety

    Guide me to or please create a plugin for animated actor faces only for the main menu

    First time posting here, sorry if Im at the wrong place. The video speaks for itself I believe (RPGmaker MV) I need a plugin that allows me to have looped picture animations on my actor portraits based on the actors included in the party but ONLY at the main menu screen. If it could also have...
  17. Kato-A

    How can I make an sprite animation repeat only once?

    A question: How can I make an sprite animation repeat only once? For example, I want my character to draw a sword from a rock, I made 10 sprites from him by slowly pulling the sword out of the rock to make it look fluid. How can I make it happen without having to change the sprite for each of...
  18. dingk

    Animation Variance v0.4.1 (2020-04-22)

    Animation Variance v0.4.1 Author: dingk RMMV version 1.6.2 Updated April 22, 2020 Introduction Tired of looking at the same animation every time you attack? Or trying to make a multi-hit skill but don't want to spend so much time fiddling with the animations editor? This plugin allows you to...
  19. JayIsrael

    Create sprite sheet easily from layers in Photoshop (not sure if this post belongs here)

    Something that has helped me make some easier sprite sheets for animations (such as animations made for doodads plugin), is this script that allows you to take separate layers in a photoshop file and create sprite sheets from them. I found the script at the following link...
  20. chumon

    Yanfly Weapons Animation crashing

    Not sure whats wrong at all. I've been through every bit of posting that I can find on this and nothing is exactly whats happening here. So Everything is set up to accept this wooden sword. I've got it made in the 288x64 size. I've got it in the you can see. It's set to take...

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