1. Nekohime1989

    Adding animation anchor points.

    So I have poltergeist in my game, which I am using animations for, I call these animations with events. But animations can only be anchored to characters. I would like to anchor them to a specific map (not screen) coordinates. Game_CharacterBase.requestAnimation doesn't seem to allow for this...
  2. Neo_Kum0rius_6000

    Animated Attack Animations For Frontal Battlers?

    So if you've ever "Played Fantasy Star" for the master system the enemy's play an animation before they attack Like is there a way to make a simple script that dosn't Lag That plays one or two frames before an enemy attacks. I'am using soul pours animated battlers system so can someone make...
  3. LawrenceindaSky

    Weapon Notetag to use Animation ID

    So my game has a huge bug that I can't fix, so to fix this I'm learning JavaScript to make my Weapons call an Animation ID rather than the drop down box due to that not working anymore, even with plugins Disabled. So I tried to find some plugins that call the Weapon Note Tags and try to make it...
  4. Area of Effect Animations (All Enemies) with Side-View Battles

    Hello! I may be missing something simple here, but if I am I'm obviously not aware. The default 'all enemy' animations (i.e. Thunder All, Ice All, etc.) play over the whole screen regardless of whether the battle mode is standard or side view. In side view battles, it makes it appear as though...
  5. SailorRose

    Bust graphics in battle during 'super' moves?

    Is there any way to do something like this during battles?: (Watch the attack at the very beginning) Say when you're using a specific attack, a large graphic of the character zooms across the screen for a second and then the actual "hit" animation plays on the enemies. Is there a script for...
  6. tale

    Animation Scale

    MPP_AnimationScale - 2017/07/26 (ver. 1.0) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Change the size of animations that are inside img/animations folder. Features -Scales two types of animations with a parameter. Target Type (one) - animation for characters | Screen Type (all) - animation for...
  7. Nightblade50

    Animations Collection DLC Question

    Hello! I bought the Animations Collection II: Quantum on Steam. The version I got was for VX Ace. Is there a way to get it for MV without paying an extra $10?
  8. Nightblade50

    Details on Animation Pack II

    Not sure if this is the right place to put it, but here goes. Are you thinking about getting the DLC for VX Ace or MV: Animations Pack II Quantum? I bought it and would like to share my experience. Let's start with pros and cons. PROS: Very high quality animations Reasonably priced Easy to...
  9. Canini

    The use of supplemental materials in creating a video-game narrative

    Hello and welcome to my discussion of the uses of supplemental media (videos/animations and comics) in creating a videogame narrative. Although not that many of us can reasonably create huge amounts of supplemental material for our games it can still be worthwhile to study how it can be used, as...
  10. Dungeon_Man

    How to convert video to animation?

    So I have some videos of animations that I'd like to implement, but as far as I can tell there is no way to do this. Is there a way to do this, or do i have to go through it frame by frame?
  11. xilefian

    Altimit Character Animations [0.01α]

    Altimit Character Animations 0.01 alpha This is an open-source project, feel free to clone the repository and make pull requests. About This Plugin adds the ability to greatly extend the animation system for character sprites. Altimit Character Animations offers flexibility that no-other...
  12. FuryDr00d

    Reversing Animations!

    So I have teleport Ins and Outs. They use the default animations, I just rigged them to look like teleports. So some of them are usable for both in and out, but some aren't. However, when the animations plays backwards, it works. I am copying the last slide and pasting it as the first one and so...
  13. Exayda

    Animated Busts and Video Cut Scenes with Choices?

    Title says it all. I would like to know how to make those make animated character busts and/or faces as well as video cut scenes with choices. I would appreciate any assistance. Thanks.
  14. SleepyMachine

    Tall Sprites with more emotions/animations

    Yo yo yo~ So, my first ever attempt at spriting led me to (attempting at) making taller versions of whtdragon's base sprites emotions and animations (Found Here), using hiddenone's tall sprite base (Which you can get Here) So with permission, I'm sharing them. ~-~-~-~-~-~ You MUST follow...
  15. Changing the animation of a skill after a state is applied

    Is there any script that would allow one to change the animation of a skill/multiple skills if a certain state is applied? Example: a fire-based buff is applied to a battler, and that battler casts a spell like Thunder. Instead of the normal animation for Thunder playing, a different animation...
  16. Creating a game

    Wassup guys, My names John. I'm quite new to this RPG maker MV and i plan on making a game. Already got an idea for the plot and I have seen a lot of tutorials on how to build maps, creating events, switches, house interiors etc. But i'm having one issue. In my game I don't want to have...
  17. MiBa

    Star Wars Battlegrounds Pack on Steam now! Star Wars Battleground Pack Completed! Animations that are more than 3 frames are included in the Pictures folder. There are still pictures in that folder too. Next Battlegroud Pack will be demonic themed. You can see the main...
  18. GubiD's Tactical Battle System Hit/Miss animations

    Hi, I am using RMXP with GTBS 1.5.2. I haven't been able to figure out why the hit/miss animations don't play correctly with this system for a long time now. I set the animations up correctly in the database but when I run the game. Only the hit animations play even though it says 'miss'. If...
  19. Daybreak

    Battle Luna(Luna Engine) - No Screen Flashes for enemy animations.

    For some reason, when using Battle Luna script from the Luna Engine, any sort of animation coming from an enemy has Screen Flashes omitted. I have tested and removed many scripts and identified Battle Luna as the problem. I've also tested this on a new project and this is replicable . It mostly...
  20. TheTitan99

    Trying to draw animations, popups, and images above, not inside, the Battle Status Window.

    Put quickly: I am trying to play animations, draw pictures, and have popups appear above the Battle Status Window (ideally any window, but for now just Battle Status.) Not inside it, but above it. Having... less than ideal results. Put into far more detail: So, I'm using a Front View battle...

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