1. ramza

    [Request/Upgrade]More states overlay extra feature request

    Greetings everyone. I am looking into adding new states with new animations to my project. As of yet, I've found two plugins that mostly fit the bill for what I'm looking for, but for either of these plugins I would require a new feature to make it 100% fit my need. I'm hoping someone can help...
  2. Display more animations simultaneously

    hi folks, you know if there is a way (possibily no script...) to show/diplay 2 animations simultaneously above the hero on map screen (no battle)? I know that the tool on the animations settings allows me to mix up two different into one, but I need two separate recall in two different...
  3. Lunarea

    Animations - Quantum is now available!

    Animations Collection II: Quantum is now available for purchase! This fantastic collection features unusual animations that are at home in modern and medieval settings alike. Whether your inspiration is a classic like Chrono Trigger or a more modern Star Ocean entry, you'll enjoy being able...
  4. Ashtonion

    Need a script that shows popup damage AFTER animation.

    Hello I need a script that will show the pop-up damage AFTER all of the animations are done, for example when an attack that is targeted on all enemies, I don't want it to play the animation and show the damage separately, I want it to play the animation on each of them FIRST and THEN show the...
  5. Kelewan

    Opening Animations

    Hi All, First time poster. I'm currently working on a little project for my children. I'm slowly working through SumRndmDde's tutorials and writing notes for myself to refer back to when I plan to implement that aspect of the tool-set into my game. I've got some (limited) professional...
  6. Plugins for 2D animations

    I have searched the forum and cannot find release plugins for animation tools such as Spine, Dragonbones, Live2D As all 3 tools mentioned already include javascript api, I think the implementation could be able to done The best one I found in github is for Live2D...
  7. SaburoX

    Sourcing Animations

    This is a little unorthodox, least of all because I already have the thing I'm requesting, and I'm not sure where to put it otherwise. But, can anyone tell me the original source for these animations? I've had them for a couple years now and they've been circulating compilation sites for...
  8. KarinaSnow

    [MV] Shrine Maiden's Tools by Karina

    So, this is actually my first serious attempt at pixelling up a sprite, and for what I wanted it for, it turned out quite well, despite looking kind of faded on the ribbon, but that actually made it look better for it's intended use. We've got animations too. *Spells demonstrated above may or...
  9. Ste

    Animation: Change Source File

    Hi guys, I need your help! I use animations for an abs that includes many different swords. The swords are 30 and each sword has 4 animations, one for each direction (down, left, right, up). This means 120 different animations! From this madness comes my request: There is way to...
  10. DogGirlKari

    Gun Animations in SV

    So I am having a bit of trouble with changing the attac animation of my projectile weapons. I am selecting the animation type for said weapons as the "Shoot Normal" animation, but when I test a battle with those weapons equipped the animation is always just a simple blow type animation. I have...
  11. RHachicho

    Help with animations.

    Hi there I'm new at this and would like a hand. I have tried using the animation editor but getting hings properly lined up has been an nightmare anything I make ends up looking like it judders and it takes a long time. I want to get a bit more creative with this side of my project. And have...
  12. MajesticPutin

    Long battle animation is being sped up unintentionally

    I have a battle animation that is 171 frames long, and is meant to be a very powerful end game spell. However, I'm having an issue where in the animation database it looks completely fine and is normal speed, but in the troop tester / actual game, the animation is extremely fast and you can...
  13. JamesVoss

    Is there a better way to do custom animations than what I'm doing?

    So I currently have so that each page of the events is another frame and each page automatically goes to the next frame so that I can get custom sized and shaped animations, but this is a monotonous process and I was wondering if there was a better way? It also lets me have animations that can...
  14. 4njar

    How do I Accomplish Character Transformations?!

    The thing that I am currently trying to figure out is actor transformations. I have a character idea where the main character is pretty much a god that woke up from a 1000 yr nap, or something of the sort, and he randomly decides to go down among the humans to just wander. And to do so he...
  15. KanaX

    Battle Choreography

    Does anybody happen to have a source of insight regarding battle choreography, as we get to see it on the small/big screen and games? Do you have any personal experience with it? Please feel free to share anything related.
  16. Ellie Jane

    Animation above Picture

    Hi, I am trying to edit the default scripts to make battle animations on map "always on top". I tried editing the z value from 8 to 999 - this hasn't worked. Other than that I'm not sure how to control them. Is there any way to make battle animations appear above pictures? (Ideally, I...
  17. DK

    DK Animations Above Pictures

    Title: Animations Above Pictures Version: 1.0 Author: DK Supported languages: Russian, English Instruction: None Plugin Commands: None Plug and play! Download:
  18. sephiroth976

    Android Optimization!

    Man.. i just spent 40 minutes making an epicly long thread here.. and it didnt save because as i hit submit it had logged me out and asked me to log back in.. and its 4:34am here as im starting to re-type this. Anyway i wanted to make a thread talking about optimization for android deployment...
  19. Starmage

    Mascaporne's Animation pack?? (RMXP)

    Hi guys!! first off, I was able to find Mascaporne's very beautiful animation packs from here: Luckily, I was able to find a working mirror for his wonderful anim packs through googling!! problem is, the demo for the already...
  20. Reducing the amount of time between animations in battle (Target all enemies/allies)

    Hi everyone,  I am attempting to figure out a solution to an animation problem i am having in battle.  Example:  Caster casts fire on all enemy targets.  Result: Fire animation plays on target one. Damage applied. (A Delay of like 2-3 Seconds) Fire animation plays on target...

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