1. TrevonMailer

    RMMV Rinyami: Grimspherea [A Danganronpa & Zero Escape Inspired Game]

    ======================================================================= (art by EmiDaWeird) ====================================================================== - Introduction - Hello everyone! My name is Trevon, and I'm proud to introduce you to Project: Grim, otherwise known as Rinyami...
  2. My gacha game concept

    I made a post yesterday about my idea for a game that imitates one of those online idol gacha games except it’s entirely offline and zero micro transactions. My biggest worry was not knowing how I’d build a game like this with the rpg maker engine, however I think I’ve figured it out. Basically...
  3. Can a game like this be made with rpg maker?

    Here’s my idea: One of those anime gacha games with a pretty boy/cute girl idol theme. It presents itself like a normal online game, however it’s really a completely offline visual novel. There’s a music themed mini game you play where you earn points to level up, coins for upgrading cards, and...
  4. Tilesets with anime merch

    Okay I know this is probably way too specific but I figured I’d ask anyways. I’m creating a slice of life game and there’s a certain character who is really into anime. I want to put anime looking posters, figurines, or plushies in his room. So I was wondering if anyone knows of any resources...
  5. ProSuperSchool

    RMVXA Showdown of the Realms(Crossovers Game Idea)

    Hi comrades, greetings again. When I saw the multiverse madness MCU trailer(note that I've never read MCU or DC as of now) of Dr Strange, and Spiderman No Way Home, it took me back to several years back(I think, was it 2013?) where I've been toying with a game idea. A crossover game. Named...
  6. LuckyCatOtome

    RMMV The Silent Kingdom - Dark Otome RPG (demo)

    Hello, everyone! Long time lurker here, being able to finally show the project I've been working on for almost a year. 'The Silent Kingdom' is a story-driven, otome RPG where player's choices and interactions with other characters set the narrative. So far I have the full demo released on both...
  7. ShenTzu

    [MV] Fuchian Chronicles - Sci-Fi JRPG about Imperial Space Foxes

    Chapter 1 now available on Steam! “First contact never ends well for the less advanced civilization.” In the hundred years since the Galactic Fuchian Empire began its interstellar expansion, it has always been the more advanced civilization. Now, for the first time, the Empire has encountered...
  8. Kyuukon

    Miraculo Island (HD)

    『 Not all miracles are good. 』 Engine: Genre: RPG/Visual Novel (Mystery, Horror, Slice of Life) Playtime: ~8 hours Summary You play as Nicholas, a guy who lost his memory due to an accident two years ago. Because of this you have no friends, no clear objective in life and have gotten behind in...
  9. Xolze

    RMVXA Shoka - The Hardest Playable Turn Based RPG

  10. xabileug

    RMMV Nim Type Zero - Kakegurui (Arcade Simulation)

  11. KazukiT

    RMMV Blessed Relic Chronis

    Game Genre: Visual Novel/Mystery Artemis a struggling writer who is trying get his work published. On July 7, 1947, he finds a mysterious pocket watch on his porch. He thinks nothing of it until something happens to his neighbor and all of a sudden time has restarted to when he woke up. Can...
  12. NekoDev

    RMMV Dead Hearts

    Dead Hearts on Steam, wishlist it now! Dead Hearts on Gamejolt, follow it now! What would you do if all the people you knew were murdered before your eyes? What would you do if the scenery repeated itself over and over again? What would you do if you knew you were about to die in front of...
  13. Froggo32

    A question for fellow European weebs.

    Ohayo fellow European weebs! I have a question I really wanted to watch anime with my homie on discord, but unfortunately its not possible to stream anime from these sites But I know there are some legal YT accounts streaming anime Sadly, lots of them aint working in Europe, like Muse Asia has...
  14. Ancient_Eagle

    RMMV Demon Tale (Work in progress)

    Demon Tale (Work in progress) The adventure awaits... Ready for actions... Epic battles... Epic story... And... DEMONS!!! Content Warning: This game contains violence, blood, fantasy violence, bad language. Not recommended for under-age.
  15. Kitty_Rika

    RMMV Labyrinthians - an adventure RPG based on exploration and story

  16. AAAslan

    RMMZ FEEDBACK - Aki Aslan's PARIAH - A Demo

    Hey, everyone. I'm new to the RPG Maker game, as it were. I'm a screenwriter by training. Created this demo for a script I'm developing, which is an approach I've yet to nail down but is incredibly exciting! Would love to hear/read your thoughts about this quick demo. Please note that this...
  17. EpicFILE

    EpicFILE AniGame Remix [Kopi Dangdut / Moliendo Cafe | RPG Remix]

    Hello folks! I've been making music for a long time, mostly original music. Recently I'm trying to remix the music of anime and video games. It's a lot of fun and I want to share it with you. Today's post is the remix of DMC5 Vergil Theme, "Bury The Light". I think it really get a lot of hype...
  18. ihasllamas

    RMMV Stay Home

    Hi everyone! My friend (Hikaru-i) and I released our first game last month and thought we would give it a go by posting it here for some more feedback! Not only was this our first game, but it was our first collaborative project as well. We hope you'll enjoy our little game and please consider...
  19. ZendirGamer

    Anime style resource request

    Resource Type: Characters Maker Format: MV (RM3D plugin) Art Style: Artist's original Description: Hello, I'm making a hentai game and my plan is to use anime styled resources (I already bought the +18 images of my characters) and I'll use RM3D (plugin for RPG Maker MV to make things 3D)...
  20. harmlessgamedev

    [Steam] Lockheart Indigo

    Lockheart Indigo Out on Steam July 31st! - About - - Summary - - Gifs -

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