1. Evan Finkel

    Trying in a new way

    So, I was trying to draw in anime style. Here are some WIPs which I threw down in the spoiler! (First attempt on anime)
  2. Kotori-chan

    ~The Anime Sprite Resource Well~

    Welcome to my... No Generator Parts, No RTP edits... just your plain old favorite anime characters ^~^ LATEST SPRITE: Aihara Enju, Tina Sprout, Kohina Hiruko, Sora, Shiro FOR THE COMPLETE LINE UP OF SPRITES: Visit the updated version xD It`s offsite, dont tell me I didnt warn you~...
  3. RMMZ Crossover Fighter Card Collecting

  4. Coren

    Anime Girl RPG Maker Facesets

    I did some quick facesets for people to use. :) Please do credit me as Coren Baili if you do use it. These are not for commercial usage. I made them for a fun side project which I am not planning to release publicly as it is full of silly inside jokes and general spasticness anyway, so I...
  5. Coren

    Coren's Animu Stuff

    I draw some stuff, but I'm trying to get better. Especially when it comes to drawing guys. Critiques would be very much appreciated! A loli girl from my visual novel game.  Btw, if anyone would like facesets or portraits, just pop me a PM. I may be available for requests, trades or...
  6. Randommerade

    Randommerade's Random Resources

    Hey everyone, so I decided to create a resource dump. Most if not all of the resources will be for RPG Maker VX/Ace. I will add more resources as I create them. I don't really care for credit, if you want to credit me that's nice but I'd rather see screenshots/videos/a download of your game with...
  7. Manga making-I can read and I can write but I can't draw to save my life!

    I'm a keen novelist with a good head for writing fantasy...just one annoying thing. I can bring my characters to life through words and can see how they look before me but I can't draw for toffee. I'd love to eventually work with my brother who composes music for games and make it into an RPG...
  8. Stormydove

    Ask a stupid question . . .

    Hello everyone,  Can't wait to get started, just picked up RPG Maker off steam and am looking forward to asking lots of questions and working on some fun projects.  I see alot of wonderful art and I see that it is in PNG format, most of what I am looking at are faces and portraits and have...
  9. Anime Styled Character Art

    I just wanted to art for people but this has been most unfun. Please delete my topic.
  10. DawnOfTheDutch

    Code Geass sprites

    Hello, I am new to the forum and still fairly new to RPG Maker VX Ace. But I would like to share the character sprites I made for the game I've started to develop. This is my first time having made sprites, so if you have any suggestions for improvement, please let me know. Hope you like...
  11. CodeineRx

    Arts and such by CodeineRx

    Some of my favorite peices I have worked on over the years and I though I would share it with everyone. Enjoy and such. :D Other Art RPG Maker Examples My DA! http://codeinerx.deviantart.com/
  12. Xoltox

    Flamin' Art Corner?

    Flamin' Art Corner Uh... nothing special just some art work of my own... I'll try to update every day... The sections divide the kind of artwork I do... I hope you like it... and im not so so good at the thread intro speech... And im still learning... Note - Spoilers might be IMAGE HEAVY and...
  13. Yuki Harada

    Need a Sprite...

    Hi I need a sprite in a fishing position, male please. I need it for my game as an NPC because I don't bind well in the art realm. Sooooooo yeah... Thanks!! Yuki
  14. LRDean_Socks

    Animesock52's Art Stuff

    So, this is where I post some art, yeh! Cringy Old ART Hope you like them.
  15. Kazuki

    The reworked plot for a reimaging of my first comic book

    I decided i would rework the plot of my first graphic novel "The Osana Empire: The Rebellion": http://takamurart.deviantart.com/gallery/30802088 Here's the plot summary for the new one The Osana Empire seeks the power of Osana’s Tears. This valuable resource has revolutionized the world of...
  16. Skimoman

    Naruto, Great or Terrible?

    Naruto and Naruto Shipuuden is usually known as the most popular anime, and also the most annoying anime... I've been a fan for several years now myself first hooked through English dubbed Cartoon Network(oh those were the days, SAMURAI JACK!)  Anyways I love this series, but even me being...
  17. ninjalex

    Destiny Warriors: The Way of the Ninja

    Please Delete this topic.  My game will be now be featured on steam.
  18. Jesse - PVGames

    Been working on my Anime

    Hello all, I generally create art on commission, but tonight I buckled down and really worked on how to make better anime using 3D and photoshop - what a giant pain in the backside! I just wanted to share with you the fruits of my (very long) labor: two little comic-style frames from a...
  19. Erangot


    ANNOUNCEMENT: sorry guys but CM v1 is no longer going to be updated!! I'm sorry for all the unreplied comments and also thank you to everyone who used it I am so happy hahaha then again it'll be too tedious for me to go back again on editing this, So I've thought maybe I'll come up with a v2...

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