1. pararellexs picture.

    Oh hello, I need a picture to fill the screen so i was thinking it could be done using parallaxes. So should i do it this way or is there a better way tell me please but what i really need is someone to create an animegirl standing on a cliff. like in the file i add with this "i know epic...

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Just finished v0.1 of FOSSIL. It's a plugin that lets you use MV plugins in MZ without editing them by making them use new functions.

I have about 40 plugins tested and working so far (including chrono engine and some other big ones). I hope that the community will pitch in and help improve it, so we can use all the old plugins in MZ. :)
I really lack discipline and find myself far too often giving into or at least seriously considering the temptation to start a new project rather than following through on a WIP that's no longer a shiny and new idea.

Does anyone have any strategies or tricks for making themselves follow through with things instead of doing this? Like that actually work?
I'm starting the "Switches lesson" on Learn MV today, what would you like to learn about them?

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