1. Dr_Bonehead

    Most Frustrating Things in RPGs?

    Hey guys! I'm a little new here, and I'm trying to learn all I can about RPG Maker and its capabilities. I've seen a few videos floating around here and there about tips and tricks when it comes to making a game with RPG Maker, but I thought I'd hear from all of you: What are the most...
  2. Tevi

    Damage Values.

    I am frustrated. Very much so. Anyway onto why. I have a character who uses Almighty skills, and the formula for this particular skill is (a.mat * 2) - b.mdf. My actor (Jackst3r) has 191 MAT, and my enemy has 25 MDF. This means the skill should do about 357 damage, right? Wrong apparently. It's...
  3. eat beans

    Playtest Stuck on Black

    So today when I go to launch my game's playtest, it just gets stuck on a blank black screen. I haven't changed anything from yesterday, and it worked fine then. I have tried restarting my computer/steam and nothing has worked. Why is this happening?
  4. eat beans

    Changed Font, Game Stuck on Now Loading.

    So, I have come across this super annoying glitch in RMMV. When I tried to change the font for my game, I did everything I was supposed to, then when I went to play test my game, it gets stuck on Now Loading. Even when I changed the font back to the original it won't load. I have tried changing...
  5. Philosophus Vagus

    Suddenly getting email alerts for every thread I post in regardless of preferences

    For some reason I have been receiving email notifications every single time that any thread I have previously posted in has a new post, this has only been going on for one day so far, but because these forums are fairly active and my phone chimes every time I get an email it has gotten rather...
  6. The Fox Eyed Man

    Is restricting saving to the world map annoying?

    I know there have been games out there that only allow saving on the world map or at specific points like crystals, but what do you all think of this? Do you find it annoying to have to run to a place/out of the interior map just to save, or is it something that nobody really cares about?
  7. Dreadshadow

    What annoys you most to people? Share your thoughts with a story.

    I want to discuss what annoys us most to other people. To do so, I will tell you a story I wanna share with you, to make my point. So how is that? Tell us what annoys you, making your point with a story. MY story is in the spoiler.
  8. Insidious Mental Pollution

    Worst Game Twists Ever

    Doing some story plotting on my current RPG Maker project, and my mind wandered back to some game twists that really annoyed the crap out of me. Off the top of my head, one of the most unnecessary was in Final Fantasy X, when... So what about you?  What game twisted in a way that was just...

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