1. Kev

    RMMV Anthro Char Sprite Request

    Would anyone be willing to help me design a few anthro characters for the RPG Maker MV world? I'm looking for something in the vein of hiddenone's anthro characters. I've done a pretty extensive search of what's currently out there, and there don't seem to be a lot of anthropomorphic animal...
  2. kobthehawk

    [Making A Movie!] I need actors, costumes and makeup!

    Greetings! I am Kob, aspiring story writer and film enthusiast. Lately my book writing has been detoured as of late and I wanted to see if I could make small little films using the cutscene systems in RPG Maker MV. If you want to know why I am pursuing this, its because I managed to see most of...
  3. Canini

    Two custom character expression changes (mouth)

    Hi! I was wondering if someone is willing to do expression changes for the following characters: What I need is a small smile/neutral and open-mouthed surprise for each. A wide grin and sad expression would be great as well but I do not know if it is possible without changing the eyes? Even...
  4. Anthro-Generator Parts

    i not sure if this been posted. can someone make Generator parts like, (for RPG Maker MV). (MV Style) Canine, Feline, Rodent , Horse , Shark, Reptile , Goat Snouts (Nose) Bird Beak (Mouth) Lizard Tail, Rabbit Tail, Goat Tail, Bull Tail , Shark Tail , Bird Tail (Tail) Goat Horn...

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