1. Northolt

    Turn off anti-aliasing on font

    I'm requesting a plugin on turning off the anti-aliasing on the fonts. It's not an issue normally but when you use a pixel font, it blurs edges and takes away that retro feel. I know you can use the VE SFont plugin to display fonts without anti-aliasing but changing your typeface or the size of...
  2. Felix Trapper

    Remove anti-aliasing of fonts?

    Is there a way to do this? I have a bitmap font and I'm trying to create a retro look, but the game is automatically anti-aliasing the font which is really messing things up. I should mention that I already have a script to remove the outline--which is different than the anti-aliasing.
  3. Kevin Blaze Coolerz

    [Tools] Anti RGSS Decrypter

    [RPG Maker Tools] Anti RGSS Decrypter What is it? This is a program that will protect your game from "RGGS Decypter" (a program to stole all your game resources, include datas and graphics). How it work? There's 2 program, "Anti RGSS Decrypter.exe" and "ARD Launcher RC2.exe" (you can rename...

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