1. ddejan90

    Looking for Anvil as a character

    So, basically, I need an anvil to use during black smithing. Currently, I use a furnace (also as a character), but I made my black smithing a bit more complex, you need to refine ore (melt) and then craft a bar. So, I have anvil as a tile set, but I need one as a character because I don't want...
  2. PrinnyLink

    Black smith title set needed

    Hi i need a  Black  smith  Tileset   set for my current  project  could  some  one please  make me one? or even   just point  to wear i could  find  one  already made that  be  great  ;D
  3. Euphony

    RMXP Tile Add-Ons

    Credit: Euphony. A link back to this thread would be nice as well, but not necessary. Non-Commercial: Totally free! Just keep in mind you have to own RPG Maker XP to use them. Commercial: Same conditions as non-commercial. Repost: Please do not post these resources elsewhere. If you want to...

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