1. CaraPrincess

    Plugin Request: Game Jolt API for VNMaker?

    Greetings. I'm CaraPrincess. I'm planning to develop my game, Touhou Tennyoshi ~ Angel of Cordial Friendships, using Visual Novel Maker. Currently I have the Game Jolt + itch.io devlog of the game. Here's the Game Jolt devlog: https://gamejolt.com/games/thtennyoshi/566836 One thing amazing about...
  2. CG-Tespy

    Wouldn't MZ be Far Better with A More Modern Programming Workflow?

    MZ has been missing a lot of programmer workflow features, if not being very lacking in it (unit-testing, IDE support, and most basic of all, multi-file scripting support) that other engines have had for decades. Said multi-file scripting support has been around since before the mid-2000s, yet...
  3. Gilles

    RMMZ Plugin Command Specifications

    Hi everyone. I saw that MZ allows some Annotations for Plugin Commands inside the Plugin and i saw that i can define the arguments including their type. Is there any Spec/Documentation for this part. I couldn't find any. I curious which types are possible. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks in...
  4. Sir_Titas

    RMMZ tone js synth powered music engine with compatibility for mz variables and switches

    Hey guys I have a plugin request that might be a bit out there, because i could not find any results for it on google or makerdevs. What i want to do is completly ignore mz's base music system and use tone js (https://tonejs.github.io/) to have a dynamic synth powered music system. I have one...
  5. DrXama

    Dr.Xamã - Game Jolt API on RPG MAKER MV

    Introduction This plugin allows you to integrate the Game Jolt into your project, providing full Game Jolt API support to developers. Multiple user login at the same time. Current version highlights v2.5.4 - May 07, 2020 - Fixed problem that made the plugin not work. - Now the guests' scores...
  6. Uknong

    Android problem

    When uploading the app, I cannot upload the app because the API level is 22. Pressing the Back button on the phone turns the game off. I want to change the Letterbox color to black. I need Android optimization.
  7. RPGMAKER MV possibility to read outside code(or softwares)

    Hello,:kaohi: I just want to ask the community about some rumors I've eard around the internet: Can really RPGMAKER MV read outside softwares (like controller plugins) not written expecially in javascript?:kaoback: this one for example was an api to connect an usb controller to your pc and let...
  8. Freank

    We're looking for VX Games !

    It's very hard to follow the  Project Recruitment Rules and Guidelines... because it's not a game. It's a service for the developers. We're making a script for Rpg Maker VX (and ACE) that will help you to add achievements/records in your game. In only one place. It's the first time that is...
  9. Freank

    We're looking for VX Games !

    Hi Guys ! We're making a script for Rpg Maker VX (and ACE) that will help you to add achievements/records in your game. In only one place. It's the first time that is made a script like this for Rpg Maker Games. Now there aren't scripts that make this. The script is ... mhm... 80%...
  10. Willrune

    Map Transitions

    Hi! I'm new to RPG Maker MV. I have a background in JavaScript, HTML, and SVG. Not so much with the HTML5 Canvas or Pixijs. I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction in terms of API documentation or examples. I'd like to create a custom map transition. It involves controlling...
  11. [Ace] RGSSx API

    Apologies if this is the wrong place for this, but I'm trying out VX Ace and I see that it has a custom implementation of Ruby for the scripting. I'm coming from Unity and Monogame but I've done a bit of python and that seems pretty similar. From what I've seen it looks fairly robust and I was...
  12. ThomasHarris

    Exporting to Android, API version?

    Hi Everyone,  Looking for this everywhere but unable to find it, I followed the instructions on the Help documentation to export the game to android, but I was wondering if I have installed on my computer several API versions(from 15 to 23) and I do the export is this APK compatible with...
  13. Direction on Battle System Changes

    I'd like to create my own battle system and I'm looking on some direction for moving forward on it. I'd like to move away from turn based battles (at least visually) and make it more of a tick based system. I want the enemy to attack every X ticks and I want the user to be able to attack...
  14. GameJolt Achievement plugin

    GameJolt achievement plugin for RPG Maker MV This plugin adds support for the GameJolt Achievement API to RPG Maker MV games. This API allows you to reward your players with online trophies and highscores that will show up on the GameJolt site and give your players EXP there. This is a great...
  15. eivl

    Communicating with a server via API Calls and/or JSON

    Can you communicate with a server from within a game? I don't know about any limitations in MV, but if there is none, you should be able to read data from an external server that delivers JSON. Could you also do API calls as well?
  16. nuevocharrua

    API or documentation for MV

    Hi everyones! Is there an API Documentation available yet? thx  :)
  17. RedGlow

    [Ace] Is there a full API reference?

    I am a professional programmer who never touched Ruby before, and I'm learning the ropes of the language AND the library while developing my first game. While Ruby itself poses no problem at all (it's a pretty language indeed, quite logical, with lots of documentation and examples online), the...
  18. Brainshack

    Scripting API / Tutorials?!

    Hey there, I always wondered if there is something like an official scripting API documentation or at least some good tutorials that show the possibilities of RPGM Scripting? Any help would be appreciated.

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