1. Chicken Fetus

    RMVXA Cat Story (Animal Survival Horror)

    *Warning: Some violent, morbid and creepy content. This is not a child friendly game despite the cute kittens. If your not interested in this project but can think of something that could make the concept more interesting to you, please let me know. Xerhoul's Creatures: A Cat's Story A Survival...
  2. Lakaroth

    RMMV Game Over Carrara 1.2 (PC,MAC,Android) free

    Hello there, here's something different from a classic RPG, a point-and-click, like Riven or Myst. This project is very particular, because it is set in a real city, with real people, citizens, who interpret themselves in a dystopian version of our town Carrara, (Tuscany | Italy). Carrara is...
  3. CallMeKerrigan

    Tiles by Kerrigan Updated 02/07/2020 (Monster sprite and spider leg gen parts)

    I wanted some Apocalyptic Las Vegas-esque tiles and MV is lacking in modern tiles. So I edited some from the RTP and wanted to share them. You can use them in commercial or non commercial games, I don't care about the game content as long as you make them with RPGMaker and own MV because I...
  4. Schade

    Terra Gaia; A Bedtime Saga. (Recruiting)

    Greetings fellow Game Makers I'm currently looking to hire a talented Mapper to help me with my project. I am using Rpg Maker MV.   What I need you to be able to do is read the chapters I provide you, and build the maps based on the material in the script. You can obviously reach out to...
  5. CrazyCrab

    Crazy Crab's MV Apocalypse

    Hi everyone, I noticed that there aren't too many modern tiles around yet, so I've decided to make some with a little twist - they are all somewhat linked to the idea of an end of the world. Violence, blood, crazy cultists and ruins galore! Please note that they are not necessarily 'post...
  6. Flashhitter

    IN-Development - Here Lies: No One - Horror/Drama

    Currently  in-development Here Lies: No One A Post-Apocalyptic drama/horror          Based on the book- Here Lies: No One -comes a drama/horror story centered around two groups of survivors -a group of high-schoolers, and a group of scouts- as they try to survive the devastation of the world.  ...
  7. Flashhitter

    IN-Development - Here Lies: No One - Horror/Drama

    THIS TOPIC IS BEING MOVED FROM EARLY PROJECT DEVELOPMENT TO PROJECT DEVELOPMENT         Currently  in-development Here Lies: No One A Post-Apocalyptic drama/horror          Based on the book- Here Lies: No One -comes a drama/horror story centered around two groups of survivors -a group of...
  8. arayproductions

    Oh Crap, Zombies...

    Oh Crap, Zombies...     Story   Craig Reeves has spent the past couple days working from home, not leaving his house.  Little does he know, the zombie apocalypse has been happening in the world around him.  When his best friend and roomate, Kristie Smith, returns home to let him know what is...
  9. Νύξ

    The official Zombie Apocalypse thread

    i remember watching a movie i think it was called pandora or something like that.you see this guy who survives but is insane and tries carving up the,i guss you could call them,heros...he dosent but he was going to,the minut he gets helpfull another crazy guy sticks him in the eye.or like stross...

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