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  1. captainette777

    Who is KEMCO?

    Anybody who's been on the Android/Google Play Store who frequently looks for RPGs on there may have come across a developer(s)/Company who posts a lot of games on there, called KEMCO. They make RPGs that end up getting really popular, and I also believe that a great deal of, if not all, of...
  2. iOS 11, TVOS support?

    Hi, has anybody submitted an ipad/iphone/Apple TV game created from maker mv? Do they allow for game controller support? Is it 64-bit? thanks
  3. B34RxJ3W

    FREE Porta Party! || Wario Ware Style || Legion Media || Open Recruitment, All Positions!

    Engine : RPG Maker MV Who I'm Recruiting : I'm looking for developers, programmers, mappers, story writers, promoters, & beta testers. My Role : Writing, developing, mapping, eventing, advertising, payment collection & distribution, project management & hosting. Skill Trade ...
  4. Procedure To Release on App store

    Can someone please explain what the actual procedure is once you've finished creating your game on Mac and paid the $100 for the Apple Developer account so I'm able to sell my game on the App store? I can't find any help with this in the forum. Your help is greatly appreciated.

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