1. Jade_D

    So... More Crops?

    I've looked everywhere. Couldn't find them. Made these. Also, why no cabbages in crates? Fixed that too, enjoy. From top left to bottom right: Crate O' Cabbage, Box O' Onion, Lentil Bean (Bush?), and White Carrot- I mean "Onions". These are recolors / reworkings of original MV art. Do not use...
  2. B34RxJ3W

    FREE Porta Party! || Wario Ware Style || Legion Media || Open Recruitment, All Positions!

    Engine : RPG Maker MV Who I'm Recruiting : I'm looking for developers, programmers, mappers, story writers, promoters, & beta testers. My Role : Writing, developing, mapping, eventing, advertising, payment collection & distribution, project management & hosting. Skill Trade ...
  3. Failivrin

    Optimizing gameplay for mobile

    My current project will take over a year to complete, by which time technology will have changed--so this post isn't for discussing technical details of deployment. Instead I'm hoping to collect tips for optimizing game mechanics and design. Example... I've heard that maps in a mobile game...
  4. Procedure To Release on App store

    Can someone please explain what the actual procedure is once you've finished creating your game on Mac and paid the $100 for the Apple Developer account so I'm able to sell my game on the App store? I can't find any help with this in the forum. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Release Game For IOS (Iphone) = App Store

    I haven't been able to find any links or specific help on the forum that addresses ISO release and selling the game on the app store. I know that in order to release on the app store, one must have an Apple Developer account which is $100 a year which is reasonable for if the game sells after...
  6. Sarbezleeb

    Unable to start / install RMMV trial on a mac

    I've downloaded the free trial of RPG Maker MV onto my MacBook Air, running OS X El Capitan version 10.11.1. The website claims that RMMV should work on OS X, and it doesn't look like any other available programs are compatible with Macs. In the zip folder I downloaded, there are two files in...
  7. Monkeysnow55 The Cookie

    Fruits or Vegetables?

    Which do you prefer? Fruits or Vegetables? For me it's fruits, I don't like many vegetables...But I like bananas, apples. grapes, all that kind of stuff. Strawberries are probably my favorite, or apples...What do you like?

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