1. OpenTangent

    Changing class adds unwanted armour to inventory

    Whenever I change my player's class using Yanfly's [YEP_ClassChangeCore] system, the player gets two unwanted armour items (IDs 0001 and 0004) added to their inventory. I've checked all my event code thoroughly and checked my list of plugins but I cannot find what is adding those two items to...
  2. xDRAGOONx

    Yanfly Item Categories: Removing an armor type from all armor

    I am using Ellye's Class Change Equip plugin to allow the player to change class through a piece of armor. I am wondering if there is a way to remove this specific armor type from the list of all armors so that they don't show up under the Armor category. I have already made a specific...
  3. Guardinthena

    Alternate SE for Equip Items, Armors, Weapons, etc.

    I was hoping that somebody could either help me out with this one or point me in the right direction. I am looking for a plugin (I presume) that will enable different sound effects to be played when the player selects different equipment types in game. For instance, in the Equip or Item scene...
  4. tale

    Random Treasure

    Random Treasure - 2018/09/05 Ver.1.3 Creator name: kido0617 Overview Get randomize items as an event. Set-up After installing this plugin, use "RandomTreasure reset" as a plugin command for event. Items are registered in the shop process after this command which randomizes items. Shop does...
  5. mogneto

    Divinity 2-based armor defences?

    Hello, It's me, Mogneto! So, I'm making a game a bit inspired in DOS2, and in Divinity there is an armor system that players can't receive damage until their armors (physical for p damage and magical for m damage) reaches zero. Until then, their armors receives the damage value for them, and by...
  6. tale

    Space not far - Get all items (& for VX Ace)

    Get all items Creator name: Space not far Overview Get all 99 items, weapons and armor. For debugging. Feature Use snf_getallitem as a script call in the event command. Get all items. However, items with blank names are ignored. Installation Paste this script...
  7. tale

    mo-to - Conditional Branch in Partymember

    Conditional_branch_in_Partymember - 2015-11-07 Creator name: mo-to Overview Condition branch to check something in your party How-to use 4th page of conditional branch: Fill in the script with this format- $gameParty.~(id)or(name) Ex.) Name of one of the current party members, Harold...
  8. tale

    Same Equip Type

    Torigoya_SameEquipType - Jun 17, 2017 Creator name: Ru/むっくRu (Rutan) Overview If equip slot name is the same, it can have an item of the same type Example- 01 Weapon 02 Shield 03 Accessory 04 Accessory 05 Accessory Equipment Slot 3-5 slots are Accessory 03-05 can be equipped with Accessory...
  9. RMMV Juggernaut Prince

    This is a short adventure game, created for Juggernaut Prince You play as a young man who has just woken up from a ether sleep. His armor is missing but he has a firm desire to regain it as soon as possible. Conveniently, as he makes his way on his quest a mysterious figure stops his way...
  10. YEP Item Synthesis Problem

    I've encountered the following problem and thought it would be worth a share: The Item Synthesis Plugin works fine, but in the synthesis ingredient notetag, only items are registered. any armor and weapon ingredient is completely ignored. it also doesn't matter, whether you get them via name or...
  11. tale

    Equip Optimize By Price

    Mano_EquipOptimizeByPrice - Version 1.0.0 (2018/06/22) Creator name: Sigureya Overview Optimize equipment by price with a note tag Feature Change the price of performance for optimize. Higher performance of the equipment, the better chance it'll be selected. How to use Use this tag in the...
  12. OmnislashXX

    Command that makes Equipment Non-removable?

    Hey guys. I have a question in regard to equipment. I'd like to have two of my toons wear a disguise and to reflect that, I've made a few armor pieces for them. However, during these proceedings, I'd like the armor to be non-removeable. How would I go about doing this? Edit: And you know what...
  13. Ameer

    Removing option from item menu

    Hey I don't want armors in my game so is there a way I can remove armor option in items menu
  14. Keystone

    [Question] YEP Equip Core - Conditional Stat Boosts based on Armor Type

    I am trying to create a system where armors can get a "set bonus" of sorts when the user equips multiple of the same type. So for example, let's say we have a Helmet of Fire (Armor Type: Fire) which grants +2 DEF and a Tunic of Flame (Also Armor Type: Fire) which grants +5 DEF. If the user...
  15. Canini

    Alternative uses for armors

    I am working on a action rpg with a really slimmed down item-inventory (it only really has two items; resurection from death and HP/MP restoration). Weapons do not really give stats increases but rather different techniques for use in battles and for solving puzzles. In order to make the stores...
  16. Killer_Van

    4 Armor Pieces

    Do you know the 4 armor piecies of minecraft? is it possible to change the 2 (head, body) armor pieces that are in Rpg Maker into 4 (head, body, pants, shoes)? How can i change the equips array like that (0=weapon, 1=shield, 2=head, 3=body, 4=pants, 5=shoes, 6=accessory)? And also in the game...
  17. _Leviathan

    Tell me about your armor design.

    We always talk about skills or weapons as obviously they are fantastic for being flashy and look cool, but as a tank lover, I'm more thrilled to find a new armor than a weapon. Not only does armor tell about the wearer, it also protects and keeps you warm at night. I've had my armor sketched...
  18. JtheDuelist

    Help creating an armor effect?

    I want to make an armor that provides the following effect: How can I do this? (preferably without plugins)
  19. Damage type

    I would like to implement something like damage dealt by some weapons which should be of multiple types. For example a sword could make 5 points of cut damage, 3 points of stab damage for a total of 8 points of damage. A gun could make 10 points of piercing damage, 5 points of burn damage and...
  20. Aloe Guvner

    Item and Skill Sort Priority

    Item & Skill Sort Priority by Aloe Guvner Download Link (Instructions: right-click the "Raw" button and click "Save Link As...") Introduction By default, the items/weapons/armors/skills are sorted by database ID number in menu windows, and there is no way to change this order from the editor...

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