1. JtheDuelist

    Help creating an armor effect?

    I want to make an armor that provides the following effect: How can I do this? (preferably without plugins)
  2. Damage type

    I would like to implement something like damage dealt by some weapons which should be of multiple types. For example a sword could make 5 points of cut damage, 3 points of stab damage for a total of 8 points of damage. A gun could make 10 points of piercing damage, 5 points of burn damage and...
  3. Aloe Guvner

    Item and Skill Sort Priority

    Item & Skill Sort Priority by Aloe Guvner Download Link (Instructions: right-click the "Raw" button and click "Save Link As...") Introduction By default, the items/weapons/armors/skills are sorted by database ID number in menu windows, and there is no way to change this order from the editor...
  4. Midnight Kitty

    Armor Variable increase

    I have multiple common events being called for certain functions in my game. One which checks the player's given dexterity that I want to be able to add to with equip-able armor etc. The trouble is instead of adding it just once every time it is checked it adds 2, I wanted to know if there is a...
  5. Keegan

    Enchanted Armor

    How I can make an armor that will increase player damage? for example: I want to make an armor that will increase 20% sword damage, so if the player is using the armor his damage will increase by 20% (but only for Sword type weapons). if the player isn't use sword type weapons, then the damage...
  6. Korean Character Generator Parts (Clothing, Hats, Ect.) RMMV

    Hello, I want to make a game that takes place during the Imjin War. I've got plenty of Japanese material (as do we all perhaps). But, I'm looking for 15th to 16th Century Hanbok (Korean clothing) both male and female. Also, some Gat (Korean hat with the beads). Armor would also be awesome even...
  7. How to make the Ace VX recognize that the hero has 3 equal weapons + 1 different weapon?

    In one condition I used a standard Script of Ace's own to make a message appear if the hero has 4 identical weapons. If the hero has 3, another message appears, being that when it has 3 and I put another different weapon, the condition does not happen and jump right into the else. Weapon has 4...
  8. Skotty TV

    [STV] Plugins | STV_SetItems

    !!! STV_SetItems v.1.2 !!! :Author: SkottyTV Latest Updates: Description: This will add the ability to create Armor Sets Items which will give specific Bonuses/States to the wearer. PasteBin: DropBox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hs9l6fmrv4j4c92/STV_SetItems.js?dl=0 Terms of Usage: Feel...
  9. Village Mook

    Armors applying states

    I'm pretty sure this was a feature in another version of RPGmaker, but basically what I'm trying to do is have a special armor that applies a state (a positive one of course) to the actor wearing it immediately at the start of a battle. I've found something similar to what I was looking for...
  10. Llareian

    Weapon/Armor Type "None" useless?

    Hi everyone. I want to verify that what I think I'm experiencing is true. If an armor's "Armor Type" or a weapon's "Weapon Type" is set to "None", does that mean it cannot be equipped by anyone? I had expected type of "None" to mean it could be equipped by everyone. It seems instead that if...
  11. Derpo

    Weapons Unremovable but Armor is not?

    I have a question about how RPGMaker MV handles equipment of Weapons and Armor by default. If your Actor in its blank state has nothing equipped and then equips a weapon, the weapon cannot be removed by default. (the 'Remove' option is not there) This is not true for Armor, once an Armor is...
  12. Item Synth not finding Weapons/Armor?

    Hey folks, new here and signed up as I needed some help.  Wondering if anyone else had found that since the last update to MV, Item Synthesis no longer finds weapons/armor? I've tried starting a new project, updating the scripts, and only using the necessary scripts but I cant seem to get it...
  13. Tatsude K. Hitori

    Bypassing Weapon Requirements?

    In my game, different spells require different types of staves in order to be cast, however, I want to add a ring that would allow the ability to cast any spell without a stave at the cost of less damage. How would I go about doing this?
  14. saksegutt

    Items, armor, weapons, skills etc.

    So I don't know why I waited so long to ask this question but I've wondered about it since MV first came out.  In VX Ace there were TONS of like pre-installed items. Armors, skills, items, weapons, enemies and full fledged out classes. There were like 40 in each category. Why aren't there any...
  15. Klammsi

    How to bind armor to a skill?

    Hey everybody, I am very new to RPG marker mv and was hoping somebody could help me out. In my game I have created a skill called Shield Bash which will render an enemy stunned when performed.  Now in the skill section you can choose a required weapon that the character needs to be...
  16. Fullereno

    Fullereno's Weapon & Armor Stuff

    Hi people :) I intend this thread to be mostly about weapons, but eventually it may content armor and other stuff. Feel free to ask for them. My intention is to make more weapons, maybe take some requests, but I do this as hobby, so I can't ensure delivery dates for requests, but I'll try to...
  17. Val

    Items Weapons Armor Sort Plugin Would be really useful!

    Hello everyone, I want to know if someone could work on a script to help sorting all the weapons, armor, item, key items we can have in our games? Right now the listing follow the order you have created your stuff in your game and this becoming a little a garbage over time with your project...
  18. RPG Maker MV weapon/armor stat issue

    So i recently overhauled my player and enemy stats and I am doing the same for items, weaponry armor etc. Every item I have been adjusting the stats for doesnt seem to correlate in the game.  Example:   Iron sword with a +3 to the atk parameter in the maker. When in game the same sword...
  19. RPG AutoAttack and disable armor equipping for certain Party member

    Hi, I'm using rmmv. Is there a plugin that does the following: 1. Allows a particular special member to join your party. This special member attacks automatically during Battle sequence. Meaning, the main hero and other party members can be controlled by the player, except this special...
  20. dombo813

    check for filled equipment slot, + Actor sprite based on equipment?

    Hi there I have two questions: First, is there a way to check whether or not the player has a certain equipment slot filled, rather than a particular item? For example, lets say I have a combat arena that will only allow the player to enter if their Character 1 has no weapon or accessories...

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