1. Bobstah

    Bobstah's Enhanced Equipment, Item, Items Command, Skill, and Skill Type Restrictions 1.5.3

    Updated 08/03/2016 09:21 PM ET Introduction Allows you to restrict equipment, items, the items battle command, skills, and skill types by actor ID, class ID, stat (hp, mp, tp, mhp, atk, cri, pdr, etc) minimum value, stat maximum value, other weapon equipped, other armor equipped, switch...
  2. Bobstah

    Bobstah's Weapon/Armor/State/Actor/Class Level Up Bonuses v1.1.1 - Combine with Sockets for Materia!

    Version Updated 12/17/2015 02:27 PM ET. Introduction Allows a multitude of bonuses to be given to actors (or taken from them!) upon leveling up based on the following critera: State applied to Actor Actor is Class Weapon/Armor is equipped Actor themselves   You set the level up bonuses on...
  3. Ancientspark74

    starting items and weapons very scarce compared to VX ACE.. why?

    the basic database has far fewer starting items and weapons and armor, and a scant handful of enemies... whereas VX ACE had a buttload.     are all these in a plugin someplace?
  4. kaarnij

    How to change the name Amours in items menu

    Hi I'm new with this and just trying to make a basic game and want to change the name of Armours in the items menu to clothing ( I've already got rid of weapons tab in items as i dont need this ), i thought it would be simple but i cant see any code that says armours only armor... also if any1...
  5. Austintatious

    Automatically equip a weapon when an accessory is equipped

    So I'm trying to make a "minitank" accessory that when equipped: 1. Automatically unequips all other equipment. 2. Replaces it with a "minitank gun" weapon, "minitank armor" armor, etc. 3. Is automatically unequipped and removed from your inventory (along with the other minitank equipment...
  6. How to add new armor?

    So i think I got to the part where you add new armor. You make the maximum larger and you edit the blank slot, right? But how do you change the tile of the armor?
  7. headdie

    Something some might find inspirational

    So I ran into this today, an artist in Canada has crafted cat and mouse armour which I think might make useful references for people working on any projects involving antro/fury characters http://www.earthporm.com/canadian-artist-creates-armor-cats-mice-based-different-historical-eras/ Some...
  8. lucofthewind

    Script Request: Runspeed (increase and bypass) and armor!

    What I am requesting is a script that can do two things with runspeed ingame. 1) Regardless of which party member has said armor, run speed for the whole party is increased by x. 2) Said armor has the ability to bypass the "no running on this map" command. If you have ever played Suikoden, I...
  9. Need ideas for "silly" armor.

    So, I'm working on a modern-day game, and it's not one that takes itself too seriously. In fact, I want a good portion of my armor to be things that were not originally designed as armor, instead serving another purpose in modern-day life. T-shirts, for example, would count, as they are designed...
  10. Mr. Trivel

    Conditional Drops

    Author: Mr. Trivel Name: Conditional Drops Created: 2014-10-03 Version: 1.1   What does it do? Allows enemies drop an extra item if a condition is fulfilled. (killing it with elemental attack, or having some state on death, etc) Enemies can have multiple conditional drops and different...
  11. Milena

    Variable Add/Subtract with x or y armor / weapon

    I want to request for a script that suits my needs. Here is my problem, I tried to do a common event that checks if I have equipped an x armor or y weapon and add or decrease a variable depending if they're equipped or not. Since it is ran by a parallel process, I've noticed that my variable...
  12. Koi

    Shield Item not appearing in character profile?

    So I have a Blanket item to give to a character, so that it shows up in the character's profile. When I add this item to the character in the Database, the character will indeed have it. BUT, when I try to add it in an event later (which by the way, every other part of the event works...
  13. Milena

    [RGSS3] Specific Item Removal

    I know how to detect if any of the party members is wearing or equipping a certain armor or weapon, but I just want to ask how exactly would you unequip that weapon or armor specifically? For example, Eric and Natalie is wearing a Bronze Cap. I want to detect if any of my members is wearing the...
  14. Morpheus

    Simple script for armor to add/take Variables

    Hello, just as the title implies I am looking for a script where equipping armor adds whatever amount I want of a specified Variable and un-equipping  said armor would take away from said Variable.  If possible, weapons being included would be appreciated as well but it is not a priority :)...
  15. TMS

    How many weapons, armors, items, etc. does a game really need?

    The topic here is pretty much what the title says. In the game I'm currently making I don't really have much interest in creating a wide variety of weapons and armor, but I know one thing players like about RPGs is being able to customize their characters. In your opinion, how many options are...
  16. voymasa

    Damage Formula calls to weapon and armor used

    I apologize in advance if this topic was previously covered; I couldn't find the answer during searches over the last 3 days. I am running a system similar to D&D for calculations and damage, etcetera, including randomizing the base value of damage from the attack based upon the weapon's attack...
  17. tjaether

    Armor/Items/Weapons Icons

    Hello, I'm working through the tutorial and am on part 4 where it's talking about Creating Weapons and Armor and filling out the General Settings of each item. In the example for the General Settings box for the Cloth Shirt when I go to double click on the Icon window to choose what the item...
  18. Locking Equipment

    Hey everyone, you know the event command that disables you to Save games or the one that disables you to change formation. Is there any simple script or workaround that prevents a character from changing equipment? I've been searching for some time but have failed to find anything like it...
  19. mlogan

    Armor and change actor graphic

    What is the simplest way to have the actor graphic changed when equipping a certain piece of armor? I'm hoping it's something easy I'm missing, but I've looked and searched here and haven't found the answer. Thanks!
  20. Maliki79

    Weapon and Armor Leveling with Specific Stats

    Hello all. I was hoping to get some assistance of an idea I am working on. I'm looking to allow weapons and armors to level up based on item usage. Meaning, If you use 10 items on the weapon, it would gain a level and a specific stat on the weapon would increase by a definable amount. I'm...

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