1. Gump

    Weapon/Armor Price Adjustment Script

    Script Name: Item Price Adjustment Script Version: 1.0.0 Author: Gump (@GumpNerd)   Information: This is a small companion script to go with my upcoming shop system. They work together but neither is required for the other to work, so you can use this to adjust prices automatically of...
  2. Koi

    Why can't I equip armour?

    So I've got this piece of armour, literally the only armour in the game, but I can't seem to be able to equip it. So I've created it, made it body type, blah blah. But then, when I go into event processing... I tried seeing if I needed to add it to the character's starting equipment in...
  3. Alexander Amnell

    Importance of Literal Equipment

       I've been working on battles and balance a lot recently and one thing I've been considering is the importance of having legit equipment such as weapons, armor headgear and shields and such. Now obviously in a game where you are wandering around fighting people or monsters the characters are...
  4. nathanlink169

    Weapons and Armour

    Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, boys and girl, children of all ages. The default weapons and armo(u)r set in every new project of RPG Maker VX Ace don't have much variety. I'm looking for some new, cool, interesting ideas for the two which could be used (preferably without a script)...
  5. KD Games

    Icons Request - Existing Actor Icons

    Hey everyone, KD needs some help again! This one's for the older RMers (GrandmaDeb will know for sure >.>) A few years ago, in the VX days, I stumbled across some Icons. These were no ordinary icons... no. The Icons resembled the default VX actor's Armor, Hair, Helms, etc. An example is...

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