1. tale

    Army RTP Characters Edits & Faceset

    sabakan did a faceset and edits of the first two characters. I followed up by finishing the last four character edits. Actor 1-1 – Ralph | Actor 1-2 | Actor 2-2 | Actor 1-4 – Ulrika Probably someone might have use for modern characters or cameo. Particularly something from military...
  2. esziaprez

    World at war Pack

    Hello, I'm trying to make generator parts and weapons for world army units. Ask me If you are interessed to use in a game.
  3. Arcmagik

    RMMV Legion Saga DX

    Legion Saga DX RPG MAKER MV PROJECT Permission granted to execute the project from Matt/Kamau himself via Twitter. GAME SYNOPSIS GAMEPLAY ELEMENTS SCREENSHOTS DEMO CREDITS CURRENT PROGRESS
  4. Demise

    This topic is on the story "Demise" it's a story with a huge amount of lore and would be perfect for a game or anime. This is the place to discuss about the story. link to story: Link to Wiki,not...

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