1. FiercestPixel

    RMMV The Last Dryad

    SECTION A: SYNOPSIS IMAGES/SCREENSHOTS The Last Dryad mythology is inspired by the ancient Greeks along with undertones of various other real world mythologies.
  2. Looking for alternate way for Action RPG attacks

    Hey everyone, I'm creating something around an Action RPG format. I have a system that works via GALVs Map Projectiles, but it's missing core elements. Does anyone know of simpler or more effective ways of doing melee attacks/abilities? GALV also suggested I could find someone to tweak the...
  3. RMMV Forsaken Kingdoms : Zelda/KingdomHearts Inspired ARPG

  4. Display Damage on map

    Hey everyone, I'm working on a sort of ARPG system, kind of a shooter that does damage outside of turn-based combat. I want to display the damage done on the event im shooting at. I know how to do this with a conditional branch "If damage is 10: display the picture 1 and 0." But that would...
  5. St.Rawerence

    [RPG Maker MV] [ARPG] (Steam) 闇行者 Dark Xingzer Ver.1.1.3 #Edit Menu And More Addlanguages.

    Heya, I'm St.Rawrence, here for the commercial of the game I made myself. Took me about a year to make, it's an ARPG with relatively higher difficulty, now released on Steam! Default language is traditional Chinese, since I'm a Taiwanese. However, you can adjust it on the title screen or main...
  6. Godarkhaos

    RMMV Divine Legacy: Alpha demo

  7. Pixelent Games

    HERO STAFF, the retro ARPG!

    Welcome to the world of HERO STAFF and prepare for the challenge of your life! The BLACK MAGE just woke up from his sleep and now has decided to finish what he started, only you, young her, can save us all! A short but true 8-bit retro adventure full of puzzles, levels and colorful enemies...
  8. Shade Aurion

    Action Adventure Survival Horror - Need A Few Recommendations

    Delete Plz
  9. Rebuilding Secret of Mana in RMXP

    Secret of Mana in RMXP Introduction: Includes: Planned in the future: Updates: 20181111: 20181101: 20181020: 20181001: Regards Matze
  10. Pixelent Games

    RMMV HERO STAFF, my upcoming 8-bit adventure!

    Hello, I'd like to introduce to you the game I've been working on, HERO STAFF, it's an 8-bit ARPG game with influences of classics such as Zelda, Dragon Warrior but mainly FAIRUNE (not that classic though). The game is still in development so I'm still fine-tuning a lot of things and...
  11. RMMV Project-W Early Demo

    Project - "Wildland" Early Demo This project is still in an early stage. The title is not finalized, and there is no story yet, only a few easy quests. The purpose of this demo is to show the game mechanics. This project is more or less an experiment of using parallel processes to simulate a...
  12. fiddlesticks

    Dungeon Crawler

    I am making dungeon crawler game like dnf ARPG And should I use big sprite which make the maps smaller because I have to placate them and parallax mapping and lots of scripting layers Or small Sprite which make you scale with the 48 by 48 tiles... ;'( so small.. Or you can be big in town but...
  13. Soulmagnet

    RMVXA Black Spirits - arouse to die (updated v1.1)

    Black Spirits - arouse to die V.1.1 by Soul Tech Synopsis: The great Vermellus continent was cursed by dark forces. Overnight the dead rose from their graves and wild beasts of inconceivable appearance copied the plains. You are a Black Spirit, an adventurer who after died recently came back...
  14. RPG Maker MV - Male & Female 8 Direction sprites with attacking shooting etc.

    Hello, I'm a javascript developer and very excited to see that RPG Maker MV starts supporting Javascript. I'm now trying to build an ARPG game, however, I'm not any good at art. So after a long time searching on the internet, I decided to try to find some help from the community. Could any...
  15. action rpg

    hello i want to make a zelda like  is it possible is there any tutorial about it or a script? what's about fog snow rain..  ?   it's not working
  16. Galenmereth

    [Watch Me Play] Battleheart Legacy

    Battleheart Legacy came out for iOS yesterday. I've been a fan of the original Battleheart from Mika Mobile for a long time, my first time playing it being on a tiny Android phone. Battleheart Legacy is a spiritual successor, and it's just incredible fun. I did a little testing with streaming...
  17. ZeuroMiller

    Help With Concept Clarification.

    Hi again, everyone. I am currently working with my first game. It won't be my dream game but i'll put my best. I have played many action rpgs and rpgs with world maps. Somehow i don't dig the Idea of a Map where you are bigger than towns. I thought of making many maps of towns, forests an...

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