1. Speedvore

    RMMZ [Solved] Need Help with Storing Values within an Array Variable

    I'm working on making a custom battle system that uses character friendship points to determine various mechanics. I'm currently having trouble efficiently tracking these friendship stats between characters. The game I'm working on is planned to have tons of playable characters, much like Chrono...
  2. ct_bolt

    RMMZ [Javascript] Shifting only select elements of array?

    Another one for ya guys... kind of has me stumped... Shifting only select elements of array while keeping the rest of the array as is though. Example: const a = ["A", 4, "B", "C", "D", 1, 2, 3]; How would I shift only the numbers while keeping the rest of the array as is. So the first shift...
  3. Xyonel

    Strange behavior of .match() function..

    hey I'm here again asking for infos: this is the first common event script call that works well: function makeid(length) { var result = ''; var characters = 'LETTERS'; for ( var i = 0; i < length; i++ ) { result += characters.charAt(Math.floor(Math.random() *...
  4. Xyonel

    how to insert automatically a bunch of data with "for" into an array?

    wordList = [] for ( i=0; i<16; i++){ actorName = $; wordList.push(actorName(i)); } this does not work, someone have a solution? i'm beginner in javascript for now, still learning. cannot read property " name " of null.
  5. _Shadow_

    Javascript: I want to turn a csv into an array and play with it.

    This is kinda noobish question really. Imagine we got a file at the same folder with the game. Let's say we got a CSV file named ab.csv with a line on it being: STR STR STR STR STR INT INT INT text1, text2, text3, text4, text5, 9, 4, 1 Now imagine 500 lines like that. I want to...
  6. aporokizzu

    Separate, private $gameScreen._pictures array?

    From what I understand, $gameScreen._pictures is the array that holds all of the Game_Picture objects that are shown on the map, and it has a maximum size of 100 array items for this. It seems to reserve items 200 and up for battle images (?) but my project uses an ABS system so I haven't...
  7. Hisao Shou

    Getting array for $gameMap.event

    Hello there, I'm new in javascript programming, and I'm having difficulties to get an array of map ids for $gameMap.event. I basically want to do Something like: var arr = [3, 5, 6]; //array of certain events return $gameMap.event(arr); //returns to any event which has the ids from array Can...
  8. Eliaquim

    Checking any equal values inside an array

    Hi people! Well, after I see a lot of things on the internet, I can't figure that out. I see some examples with .some() and with .every() but I can't manage to put it in my code and it works. In the code below, the variables a,b,c will get a random value between 0 and 3. So, if any of them are...
  9. _Shadow_

    Text file strings to array

    Hello again community. It happens that I want a plugin to be able to do two things (same plugin can do both). 1] Take text from file and add it on Array Variable of our choice. Then call it like \v[1][2] (third entry on variable 1) 2] ... if we leave a containing method intact. Otherwise...
  10. Nilom

    Method or Function to return right order of item pick-ups

    Hello! Is there a method or a function in the RPG Maker built-in methods/functions that will return the inventory items in the correct order which they have been picked up? $gameParty._items seems to just sort the items by database ID. I know an array could be used for this but that would...
  11. Nilom

    .push() is not a function ._. [solved]

    Hello! I used .push() for a card drawing skill system before. But when I try to do something similar and store movement commands (numbers) inside an array then I get ".push()" is not a function. What did I do wrong? I just do not see it: if...
  12. LazESigma

    Script call to see if a variable exists in an array.

    Hello, I'm trying to simulate some aspects of a roulette wheel in a gambling game. I'm using variables and currently have the numbers working. I'm attempting to use a variable array to easily check if the Number entered is either Red or Black. Rather than have 36 conditional branches, I was...
  13. Tsar CUBE

    Arrays In Variables And How To Check If Value Is Present In Array!?

    Hello! I have noticed that it is possible to set a whole bunch of interesting things to be present inside a Variable from one of the threads on this forum :) What I need to know is how to add values to a Variable that holds a given array and then how to check if that value is present. I need...
  14. Rink27

    Weird Array Pop() Behaviour

    I've been working on a plugin I created and noticed something odd. The following is a representation of piece of my code: var array = $gameVariables.value(x); var array2 = $gameVariables.value(y); // x and y were given the same values //EDIT: I meant x and y represent different numbers, but...
  15. Catog

    YEPEquipSkills Return Array as Variable

    Hi all, For my game I'm using a mix of HIME's ActorBattleCommand/BattleCommandUseSkill and Yanfly's EquipBattleSkills. I've set up a common event with the intention of: "when a character has a skill equipped, the battle command shows, and when it's unequipped, it's hidden." The method I'm...
  16. AdamSakuru

    Target Core - Updating Target Array After Death During Random Skill

    In my game I have a skill that hits 3 random enemies. I noticed sometime after making it that if any enemy dies during the first or second hit of the skill, the now non existent enemy still has a chance of being targeted for the following hits. I'm surprised this happens as I think it defeats...
  17. Timespiraled_RPG

    Removing a Single State at Random (Lunatic Objects Package - Destruction)

    I'm looking to add a way of removing only a single state at a time instead of the regular Dispel/Esuna type skills removing absolutely everything at once. I'm using Yanfly's Lunatic scripts to use their base implemented functions but as I'm not a scripter myself, I'm having trouble wrapping my...
  18. Add 1(numeric) or more to all values in array

    hi, i think it's a basic question, but still so here, i have a variable array V[67] as you can see, i want to add all the values in variable array V[67] with + 1 i make a parallel event to check: if V[67][0] = 1? and if yes, it self switch A= on, if not, will not do anything but not just one...
  19. Pine Towers

    Lists and interacting with them / The quantum treasure chest

    Hello guys! I don't know if this would be better here at JS support or at MV subforum, so I apologize firsthand. My idea is the quantum treasure chest. Let me explain: The party enters a dungeon with 5 chests (A, B, C, D, E). Previously the game developer make a list of 7 items to be granted...
  20. undefined method for 'name' for [1]:Array

    Hey im a real noob at the min but im trying to make the currency used in the game to be set to the name of a character/actor so the user can call it what they want. I have this: $data_system.currency_unit = $game_actors [1].name But it gives me this error: Script 'Game_Interpreter' line...

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