1. atoms

    Moving & Pointing, Event Arrows for RMVXA. RPG Maker VX Ace. I think simple request?

    I am hoping this is quite a simple request, in fact, I'm sure there must be some of these graphics out there already though I can't find them on Google and forum searches. I'm looking for event arrows probably 1/2 the size of a single tile that can point at stairs and also at other tiles like...
  2. Cloudystrife69


    You Know FF7 And How It Allows You To Get Some Arrows To Show Where The Flip Is A Map Transition!You Need That In Your RPG Maker Game Made On MV (I Like To Call It Moremodern Vrpgmaker)Just Left Click On These Arrows And Kaboom: Popup Menu! Save It In Your Tileset Folder And But Is As One Of The...
  3. Display arrows nearby on a map

    Hi everyone, I'm new here :) I need some help for a map event. I created arrows events showing where you go to change location, but I want them to appear only when the player is near to them. There's a lot and it's not very esthetic on a map. Tell me if it's a good idea and how to do it...
  4. Directional Arrows Icons

    Hi guys, I am newby in rpg maker vx ace, I'm developing my first video game. It will run on a multitouch table with Windows 8.1, so I'm looking for a script to manage the directional arrow icons. At first I tried with a mouse script, but in fullscreen mode the mouse touch have a phase...

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