1. RMMV Custom enemies sideview

    Hi everyone. I am using custom enemies for my game. The battle view is a side view. There is a problem: when I start a battle, the enemy design is turned to the left like a fighter. Is it possible to turn it right like the default enemies with some known tags? (I have already installed...
  2. Custom Enemies

    Where can i find custom enemy art?
  3. KillerPixEEL

    SERVICE Sprite Artist looking to join a Project! MV or MZ

    Hello, names KillerPixeel. I'm looking to join a group who's in the more early stages of a project. I was recently working on my own game "SoulCry" but without having experience in scripting I'm kinda fed up trying to get things to work properly. I haven't completely given up on the game but for...
  4. KoMo_Riz

    [RM MV] how does this RPG maker tilesets work?

    I'm not great at english much but I will try to explian my stupidness about this I try to create a library for my project so I studied how to make a tilesets but I stuck at how are what size they took for one block and how to setting an animation tilesets(I know I can put in A1 but I don't know...

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