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  1. TheRealFame

    Help finding a artist. (A future)

    Hello all that come past, so I've been the developer for my game some time. But I really need help finding a artist to bring the dream together, but I haven't had any luck so far. So. When did and where or just when. Did you all find a artist to help out on your projects? It is greatly...
  2. marino13

    RMMV Sealed-Handcrafted Adventure RPG-Demo is out now!

    A game by Left Marino Music by Komiku DEMO : Who are you? What powers brought you to this land? You find yourself in the middle of a clearing. Your memory fuzzy, your leg hurts from a fall you don't remember but certainly can feel. You only remember a...
  3. EchoTULF

    FREE REQUEST Artist ISO of Project

    Hello! I am looking to offer my service as a character artist for some games! I am interested in working with any genre (ie: romance, adventure, horror) I will say with my service I am only looking to do work in my style but if you have any questions or just want to see if we would be a...
  4. Artists, please help me

    I am a huge idiot but that’s why I’m asking questions to people who know what they are doing instead of just winging it and messing everything up. I know that the size of the face portraits in my game have to be 144x144 when I put them in the game. But there’s no way that’s supposed to the...
  5. BrickleYourFrickle

    Can I get some feedback on my character portraits?

    I tried to emulate the FF2 art style with these, using the NES color-palette. However, I'd like some feedback and critique on these, in case I should add or remove any aspects of their design.
  6. New to RPGMakerMV

    Hi so I'm new to using RPGMaker and am currently trying to learn how to use it although its be a bit tough since there's so much to know to make even a small decent game >_< But so far I've been more focusing on the art assets than anything since I'm an artist and like making my own custom art...
  7. how can i make some pixel art for my game

    so i know where i can make pixel art sites like pixlart medibang etc but i am not good at art or pixel art and the pixtures i wanna make with it are very simple and i can make 2 of them myself basically in my game i wanted 3 pixel art pics to play out after the credits a green and white egg the...
  8. Sibu

    Question about the Combat System Aesthetics

    Hello! I have an artist for a game that wishes to know if it's possible to swap the sprites of the game into images and art pieces of the characters that she made. So pretty much the same swap the generic sprites of the game with her pictures and toons. Is that possible?
  9. Testtubebaby

    Character artwork request

    Engine: VXAce Style: Artist's choice & RTP (more info below) Resource(s) required: Portrait Dimensions: VXAce RTP default portrait dimensions Hello folks, I've got a request for some artwork on a character I'm creating. I've gone and hand made the character sprites myself, though I would...
  10. EchoTULF

    Pixel Sprites and Dialogue Icons

    I was trying to learn aspects of RPG Maker MV and I was super excited to jump into the art side of things and here is what I came up with and it inspired me to want to pursue this character and want to make a game. But I just wanted to share my first iteration of this character!
  11. dollyt

    DollyT's Artwork and Comic

    Background image, just beginning. This was made on Ibis X with a Samsung Tab A. Very beginner quality. One of my characters for a possible upcoming game with all original art. His name is Rano. Same game, new character: Sela. I'll be posting Anime, fan art, digital art, hand-drawn...
  12. MirrorEdge

    New to RPG Maker. sharing ideas & Art.

    hey There ! second day in RPG MAker world & i cant see the limits of that incredible program. about me : David from France passionated on drawing, digital illustration & PixelArt. im surprised about how the RPG Communauty is active & incredibly creative. many People here...
  13. MirrorEdge

    New on Forum. sharing personal Art Assets .

    Hello there ! David from France, just purchased RPG Maker yesterday & i love it a lot !. Mostly interested in Pixel Art & Character design but will surely make my own game one day . . . Here are some personal art i did with photoshop & on paper . Enjoy...
  14. Is there any video on how to create original sprites?

    So, hello! I'm new on using RPG Maker for developing games and I'd really love to create my own sprites (characters). I'd like to create something different than the normal RPG Maker MV's art style. You know, something made by myself, kinda similar to games like Ib or Mogeko Castle. I've seen a...
  15. Ely

    RpgXp and VX Ace Character Generator Parts (SKTP) (Backup)

    So in December of 2020 flash websites won't work anymore (or so I was told ) So I made a back up of one of my favorite rpg maker vx ace and Rpg maker Xp character generators. Credits to the original creators Here is the original character generator...
  16. NinjaKittyProductions

    Zak... OC in Pixel Art Form

    {MH} I decided to try my hand at some pixel art (because I do not do it often enough... and I really should) and did one of my original characters from an unreleased comic. His name is Zak. I know it is just a static form... I'll try my hand at more dynamic poses later <_< Original size 48x72...
  17. KOC-316

    This is not a game! It`s Sprite anime! Animation! With voices! Check it out!

    Episode 2! If you like that check out Episode 1. Unsung Redemption! Be sure to watch it! It`s really good!! It doesn't look like a normal RPG Maker game. I promise you that! Check that bad boy out! It even has voice actors! - KOC-316
  18. Dungeonmind

    Elsa MV Side View Battler and beyond with possible face expressions?

    Hello. Since this is directly related to @Avery 's Elsa I will tag her here. The title says it all! I want to make my daughter in law an Elsa game because she seen the great sprites Avery made and face set. Here's a thread with Avery showing how to make MV sprites and it has the Elsa sprite I am...
  19. Personigo de la Ĉefo

    Personigo's art showcase

    Good time of day to you, my dear visitor. I'm heavily enamored by the world of artwork. I do lotsa stuff and I daresay improve rapidly to the point where I feel almost physical pain looking back on some old stuff o' mine. But I think I have reached a level where I can show my stuff without...
  20. Finnuval

    I challenge you!

    I had this idea that might be fun... How about us 'artsy'-types (cough) challenging each other? I will start by posting a piece of art or battler and then it's up to you guys... Are you another graphics guy/girl? redraw it in your style or draw something inspired by it :D Are you a music...

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