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  1. dollyt

    DollyT's Artwork and Comic

    Background image, just beginning. This was made on Ibis X with a Samsung Tab A. Very beginner quality. One of my characters for a possible upcoming game with all original art. His name is Rano. Same game, new character: Sela. I'll be posting Anime, fan art, digital art, hand-drawn...
  2. MirrorEdge

    New to RPG Maker. sharing ideas & Art.

    hey There ! second day in RPG MAker world & i cant see the limits of that incredible program. about me : David from France passionated on drawing, digital illustration & PixelArt. im surprised about how the RPG Communauty is active & incredibly creative. many People here...
  3. MirrorEdge

    New on Forum. sharing personal Art Assets .

    Hello there ! David from France, just purchased RPG Maker yesterday & i love it a lot !. Mostly interested in Pixel Art & Character design but will surely make my own game one day . . . Here are some personal art i did with photoshop & on paper . Enjoy...
  4. Is there any video on how to create original sprites?

    So, hello! I'm new on using RPG Maker for developing games and I'd really love to create my own sprites (characters). I'd like to create something different than the normal RPG Maker MV's art style. You know, something made by myself, kinda similar to games like Ib or Mogeko Castle. I've seen a...
  5. Ely

    RpgXp and VX Ace Character Generator Parts (SKTP) (Backup)

    So in December of 2020 flash websites won't work anymore (or so I was told ) So I made a back up of one of my favorite rpg maker vx ace and Rpg maker Xp character generators. Credits to the original creators Here is the original character generator...
  6. NinjaKittyProductions

    Zak... OC in Pixel Art Form

    {MH} I decided to try my hand at some pixel art (because I do not do it often enough... and I really should) and did one of my original characters from an unreleased comic. His name is Zak. I know it is just a static form... I'll try my hand at more dynamic poses later <_< Original size 48x72...
  7. KOC-316

    This is not a game! It`s Sprite anime! Animation! With voices! Check it out!

    Episode 2! If you like that check out Episode 1. Unsung Redemption! Be sure to watch it! It`s really good!! It doesn't look like a normal RPG Maker game. I promise you that! Check that bad boy out! It even has voice actors! - KOC-316
  8. Dungeonmind

    Elsa MV Side View Battler and beyond with possible face expressions?

    Hello. Since this is directly related to @Avery 's Elsa I will tag her here. The title says it all! I want to make my daughter in law an Elsa game because she seen the great sprites Avery made and face set. Here's a thread with Avery showing how to make MV sprites and it has the Elsa sprite I am...
  9. Personigo de la Ĉefo

    Personigo's art showcase

    Good time of day to you, my dear visitor. I'm heavily enamored by the world of artwork. I do lotsa stuff and I daresay improve rapidly to the point where I feel almost physical pain looking back on some old stuff o' mine. But I think I have reached a level where I can show my stuff without...
  10. Finnuval

    I challenge you!

    I had this idea that might be fun... How about us 'artsy'-types (cough) challenging each other? I will start by posting a piece of art or battler and then it's up to you guys... Are you another graphics guy/girl? redraw it in your style or draw something inspired by it :D Are you a music...
  11. Final_zero

    Help with art

    Hi all. (Sorry if this is in the wrong place just let me know) I wanted to give my battlers unique battlers. (As in not the default mv style). So I sat down with pencil/ paper/ art software open and good music on, (Well good music to me, It was the shadow hearts 3 soundtrack), however I found...
  12. nidhoggn

    Nidhoggn's Gallery

    Hi everyone, I'm posting my stuff here. I like to draw some fantasy characters and I do a lot of fan arts from video games i like, I also do Pixel Art. I hope you guys enjoy.
  13. captainette777

    What programs do you use for spriting?

    Asking as a person who has never tried it before, and is now considering it. What is your favorite one to use, what program did you start using in the beginning, what's the easiest for a complete noob like me to get into, what's affordable/free, and what creates the best looking work for you or...
  14. soniiiety

    alien creatures with other art

    above is alien creatures^ be warned some may give nightmares and be frighting , it's your responsibility if you get scared or not. zenron prototype above with some art from my dream as well, the dude is the suit is called kerlin.^ I will add more art/photos if i can fit it in
  15. Munkee

    [CLOSED] In Need of Logo Design

    Hello to all reading this. I'm currently developing a freeware title called Legend of the Sages, a semi-serious fantasy RPG where eight silly friends are plunged into a world-saving adventure against their will. As you saw in the title of this post, We've been needing a logo for this game...
  16. SoapySlayer403

    Need a Mexican woman sprite

    I am currently in need of an overworld Mexican woman sprite. It would be great if this sprite could fit in with the default rpg maker tiles and character generator art. Please make the walking animation different. You are entitled to have anything you make. Credits to you will go in my game...
  17. Tatsumaro

    Dragon force sonic boom

    There's a game called Dragon Force and in that game there's a skill called Sonic Boom (15:57 in the video). dose anybody have something like this as animation that can be used in RPG MV. i trai to make something like this, but i'm not an artist :blush:
  18. Tonko

    (Art) Picture for a title screen

    Hello there. I am currenty developing a RPG Maker VX Ace game, and I am about to release the first devlog (Yes, it is still very WIP). However, I would like to be able to show a custom title screen, instead of the default one. But there is one thing I am missing; The main picture. I can´t do art...
  19. Request for Artistic Aid

    Hello, everyone. I've been trying to get several ideas underway, but a common problem I keep running into is my inability to create custom sprites within the RMXP (RPG Maker XP) engine. If individuals more knowledgeable than myself regarding this subject can help in any way, please get in touch...
  20. LumpyTouch

    Lumpy's Pixel Art

    Hi there. I'm Lumpy, and I've been an RPG Maker enthusiast since 2k3. I've also been doing pixel art for quite some time, and am excited to share some stuff with you. Here's some self portrait sprites, in a variety of tasteful hairstyles. If you want to see more, I encourage you to check out...

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