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    RPG Art Tutorials

    Hi guys! I am working on an rpg, and some friends where asking if I'd show them how I was doing some of the stuff I've been doing for the game. So I thought I'd record them and make a little tutorial of my workflow. I'm not the best at this, I've never made tutorials before so I'm learning as I...

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And (un)surprisingly, I already started developing a old project as MZ code right off from the bat. Waiting the launch anxiously...
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does anyone know where I could theoretically post a game i made full of copyrighted content so that I can get feedback on it

edit: not looking to make any money or anything. just want criticism
Yay! It's raining! ^.^
I decided to take part in the One Map Game Challenge. :LZSexcite:
Finished the map itself, just need to finish the actual game lol.

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