1. Finnuval

    I can't draw...or so I've been told... [not a pitty party lol]

    So some of you may know me most of you don't so here is a small introduction on what you need to know to understand where I am comming from : I am 41yo, have been drawing since I could hold a pen (I'll even joke that I probably was already grawing in my mom's womb) I have done so as a hobby...
  2. Finnuval

    Need help deciding a battler theme... Cast your vote!

    So I have decided to go ahead and make some front view battlers to be released to the community for free once I got a few of them done :D The first creature to pick a theme for will be this Goblin. I will then make several variations of it within the most voted theme and release those...
  3. Autumnii

    SERVICE Need art?

    Hey, I would happily help draw any characters and sprites for any type of game you are making. . If you are interested feel free to contact me on Instagram - autumniixo Or on discord - Autumnii#1790 Here are some examples of my work:
  4. nintendowii111

    8Frame Character Spriteset Request

    Hey guys! I'm using this plugin (Galvs_CharacterFrame Plugin) for MV. Take a look at the spriteset that comes with Galvs plugin in demo. -> What I would like is an original spriteset just like this one (resolution/frame wise) just for...
  5. Jaurstus

    Jaurstus Arts (ღˇᴗˇ)。o

    :kaojoy: Wewwcome to my gallery! :kaoluv: I don't draw as often as I should but I hope u like what I have! Consistant art style??? Never heard of her lol. [/SPOILER] This is my first thread...did I do it right? (꒪▿꒪)
  6. PrideOfTheForbidion

    compo, import your own art?

    Hi guys just wondering if anyone's used compo, thinking about getting it, I'll have a look at the demo latter, though I want to know if you can use it with your own art, I already draw my own manga, but this would be a help if I can use my own art in it
  7. Angel.K1tty

    [Art Game] Character Redesign Meme!

    I was looking through my old drawings and I saw a thing a did where I drew the main character of my project in different outfits based on songs I like. I thought it was fun so I wanted to prompt other artists to do the same. I made templates with the two characters I used and also a blank...
  8. Kirri

    Game In Development?

    Hello! :kaohi: So, I'm about to post my game in the "Game In Development" so that I can get feedback and motivations to keep going (currently in Moderated stage). But now that I think about it, would I risk from people plagiarizing ideas and/or stealing art? And if those incident do happen...
  9. Looking for some new tiles (Blood, Road, Prison) - VX ACE

    Resource Type: Tiles Maker Format: VX Ace Art Style: I have no preferred style at the moment perhaps sort of cartoony but if this request is accepted I will leave it up to them to decide Description: Hey I am looking for some more tiles to give my project some variety of environments...
  10. RickelmiArtist

    Rickelmi Gallery

    I am an artist that is always wanting to improve, hope you guys like my artwork.
  11. LittlePIGGY

    LittlePIGGY's ART

    :kaopride: Hey, Hey, Hey! Comrades! I present to your attention pictures FREE for non-commercial use. For COMMERCIAL use free too, but with 1 condition. You give me a free copy of the game hehe... You have to name me in the credits in both cases: Designed & Drawn By Ekaterina Stadnikova (MOSCOW...
  12. kalydos

    FREE Charming Witchery: Looking for Partners!

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: You play as Ivera (name changeable) who is a shut-in fire mage who was just transferred into the school of sorcery as a freshman and your head's spinning as you get thrown into so many social situations and you uncover a dark secret as you go through your...
  13. Kike

    RMMV Kawaiiland

    K A W A I I L A N D TRAILER STORY Kawaiiland, land of the cuteness, is an island inhabited by various types of creatures, home of the tiny pixies; of the vegetal ones, yasainians; and of the very cute, kemonomiminians! Outside its prevailing population, Kawaiiland often receives visits of...
  14. Angel.K1tty

    Angel.K1tty's Artwork Empire!

    I thought it would be fun to post some of my work here.To be honest though, I'm more of a traditional watercolor artist than a digital artist/resource maker, so I don't know how much unrelated work would be okay (I don't see any other traditional artists here, but then again that makes sense...
  15. Dvor-ak

    Dvor-ak Pixel Arts

    Hello guys, long time no see! I spent almost all of 2018 without making a single art, and now I've returned to do sprites and things like that. I also do commissions if anyone is interested. My Facebook page: Commissions:
  16. KOC-316

    This is not a game! It`s Sprite anime! Animation! With voices! Check it out!

    Episode 2! If you like that check out Episode 1. Unsung Redemption! Be sure to watch it! It`s really good!! It doesn't look like a normal RPG Maker game. I promise you that! Check that bad boy out! It even has voice actors! - KOC-316
  17. Kristoffer

    More monsters?

    Hey, I am very new to the whole RPG maker thing, is it possible to get more monsters sprites, without having to pay for them?
  18. Lemonrice

    Painting with Lemon

    ...get it? Like... when you made invisible ink from lemons as a child? Okay nevermind... well, I started painting again and I thought it would be nice to share some stuff.
  19. Lilly

    Lilly's Art✨Atelier✨

    Hello everyone~! I'm Lilly. I hope that I can help the community with my art. If you'd like to commission me, There's rules and the request form below. :Terms of Service: I won't draw Gore and Elderly It should take one week or less, but I'll let you know if it's taking longer than expected. I...
  20. Jiggy

    Jigs' Art Thread

    [Jiggy's Art Thread] Hello! My name is Jigs, and I just want to share with you guys my work this year. I've been constantly switching art styles (depends on my mood, really) and I'm hoping to receive some constructive criticisms from you guys! I'm looking forward to your replies :ewink...

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