1. Maid Bedroom Tileset RPG Maker MV

    I am looking for a tile set in a similar style to RPG Maker MVs tile sets that resemble what would appear in a maid's room. I am looking for one with multiple different bed types/colors (like 2, maybe 3 or 4). I included some pictures to kinda show what type of thing I'm looking for. If you...
  2. New to RPGMakerMV

    Hi so I'm new to using RPGMaker and am currently trying to learn how to use it although its be a bit tough since there's so much to know to make even a small decent game >_< But so far I've been more focusing on the art assets than anything since I'm an artist and like making my own custom art...
  3. Krumpazoid

    General tips and advice for developing art assets?

    Hi! I apologize in advance if this is irrelevant to this particular sub-forum, but as someone hoping to flex their artistic muscles and begin creating custom assets, I was hoping you all would be willing to share general or specific tips pertinent to this side of things! Honestly, just...
  4. How can i make my title screen look more intresting

    im thinking of streching the background down a bit so its more around the middle of the screen im wondering what else i could add so it looks more intresting
  5. KawaiiKid

    Where is your favorite place to get commissioned art?

    I like using the classified section here on the RM forum when I can to help support other RM enthusiasts, but a lot of time what I'm looking for can't be found here. I was wondering if any of you had some excellent places you go to for commissions, or have any vouches for great artists? Thanks!
  6. Aslanemperor

    VX Ace; In need of a few small things

    To start: I would like several different things for use in a small project. This project will be free and available on Newgrounds when I'm finished. It's a small game (I'm aiming for about an hour of story content). Since there are several requests, I will make individual forms for each in...
  7. Merryjest

    Maus' Art Thread

    Welp, since I've started work on a game with a friend, I guess I should probably do this. I'll be posting art as I go along... I'm starting with character busts/portraits! Sarting off with the game's main protagonist, who starts off as a rather sheltered princess, but who will end up as the...
  8. Testtubebaby

    Character artwork request

    Engine: VXAce Style: Artist's choice & RTP (more info below) Resource(s) required: Portrait Dimensions: VXAce RTP default portrait dimensions Hello folks, I've got a request for some artwork on a character I'm creating. I've gone and hand made the character sprites myself, though I would...
  9. RomVHS

    VHS VENTURES: Art, Music, Etc.

    Hello all, and welcome to my collection of doings! I thought it would be nice to share my work and find the inspiration to grow as a creator of the sorts. If you'd like to take a closer look at my art, click on an image to see it in a better size! (Also, don't judge me for my female Thanos-...
  10. Jons

    FREE Artist/Illustrator/Character Designer looking to contribute to first project

    Hi all, My name's Jon and I'm an Illustrator looking to offer my services for a game project. I've been a Graphic Designer professionally for 5 years and have been passionately pushing my art hobby for longer, but have kept my work personal until now. Contributing to a game is something I've...
  11. dollyt

    RMMV Art Style Vote for Four Shadow Hearts Characters

    I'm wondering which kind of art will work best for my game. I have created two characters: Rano and Sela. The links are below. All of the art styles are actually filters from one website; I just can't decide which one I like best! Please pick two choices: your favorite style for Rano, and your...
  12. kiyasu

    Merry Christmas to everyone! [Christmas Illustration of KIYASU OKA]

    Hello, RPG Maker Web community! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Below are my Christmas pictures that I just sent via e-mail to my contacts, and I wanted to share them all with the community. I don't have everybody's e-mail addresses and I might have missed some people...
  13. BlueFlamePrince

    BlueFlame's MV gallery

    Hello Fellow Game Makers! I hope this is in the right spot. ha ha Within my gallery I have made images for RPG MV. However most of them are cartoonish. Feel free to use any of my work for non commercial game but please give me credit. However for commercial games not right now but feel free to...
  14. Lintilion

    RMMV ShrineSpark! A Surreal Space-Station Prison Escape!

    Somewhere in the deepest reaches of space... An execution is to be carried out... Play as Orange, a perfect simulacrum of the Orange Experience. Be freed from prison by a strange hero. SHRINESPARK Personal Software simulates the following experience: Take the role of a creature. About 3...
  15. lil1I

    Drawing using mouse+keyboard (no Drawing Pad)

    Hello, not really sure if this is the right place to post this but... I wanted to draw my own art in my game. I want something like these, http://www.akashics.moe/ but I'm a newbie in drawing digitally. What are the programs that I need? Is it even possible without drawing pad? Maybe I can draw...
  16. Axsajim

    RMMV Hoshizora no Sakura

    Grettings, this is a proof of concept for a project It's going to be on development. The worldbuilding of this project is something i've been working since I was younger, 4 years ago I had the idea, and now I've been months working on making it as best as I can. This, as it is right now, it's a...
  17. ItsAri

    Lynn as a P5 sprite

    Been down a hole of Persona recently so here's art of my OC as a Persona 5 Sprite
  18. TripToTheMun

    Harold Face-Busts

    Hi! I assume this is the right thread, if it's not I'm sorry. I've never made a thread on any website before. Anyways, I wanted high quality faces for the project I'm working on so I made some myself. Since I can't make high quality pixel art I figured I would make "busts" to replace the...
  19. Uzuki

    Looking for MV Trinity Artwork

    I had just remembered that RPG Maker MV for consoles released today and with the announcement I saw some new artwork that I hadn't seen before and I really like: I looked on the nis Japanese and NA website but there's no artbook and these images comprise the soundtrack art and the special...
  20. nio kasgami

    How to treat your artist / content creators 101

    Hi! my name is Nio Kasgami and I am a professional freelance artist. and I thought of writing this article to explain to the community how to treat well the artist you decide to work with (both commercial and non-commercial). here a list of do and don't (I wasn't sure where to post but I think...

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