1. RMMV Changing WebM (Animated Enemy Image) during battle.

    I am using KageDesu's VPlayer plugin to allow my enemies image to become a looping WebM. However, I would like to switch between different animated WebMs to represent my enemy art during battle, is there a script or way to do this? I can achieve switching static enemy images through Weak Enemy...
  2. JeuneDanielSoleil

    Made a dumb comic to celebrate converting my game to MZ

  3. Ms Littlefish

    Ms Littlefish's Stuff Showcase

    ~A.K.A. Meg has too many hobbies~ Music for music's sake - yep, music that was made just to listen to, no game, no project Ocean of Stars first composed in 2010, this re-record is from 2020 during the lock down. A lot of my inspirations come from cosmic and natural elements but this was...
  4. SuperSakiSonico

    OFFER Small artist doing free stuff

    Hello, chronically online artist here!! :kaoluv: I'd like to have more experience with game-making since I'm extremely new to this world and I'm loving it, so I'll be offering my service as a digital artist for free to everyone who needs it! You can check some examples on my carrd page...
  5. TheRealFame

    Help finding a artist. (A future)

    Hello all that come past, so I've been the developer for my game some time. But I really need help finding a artist to bring the dream together, but I haven't had any luck so far. So. When did and where or just when. Did you all find a artist to help out on your projects? It is greatly...
  6. Tuna_tuna

    Is it a bad idea to build your game first and then replace all the art assets last?

    So I’m developing my first ever game project. It’s nothing major. It’s mostly exploration and puzzle focused with a gacha system for gaining new followers to help in battle. I decided to make it with just the base assets because every other time I’ve tried to start a project, the idea of...
  7. Vorosh-CR

    AI Generated Faces Template

    Hi. I'm starting to experiment with AI generated images. Specifically through the NightCafe page. It occurred to me to generate a template of 8 heroes scaled to 384 x 192 size to be able to be used in RPG Maker VX Ace. Characters: 1- Male Soldier 2 - Male Monk 3 - Female Paladin 4 -...
  8. Yrythaela

    If you respect the art of game development in any way, please, do not use AI Art.

    AI art is the world's biggest art theft that everyone publicly use for free with no repercussions to create their art. I'm not gonna deny that I haven't used it, but I have because it was interesting at first but I never used it for a game or in developing a game. Knowing the truth behind AI art...
  9. VFVelzades

    VFV's Art Sect

    Hellooo, I'm super ultra new here where I don't even know how to change my DP HAHAH I'm just gonna drop some of my artworks in here hoping you guys would like them. I also plan to take requests free of charge next week, if some of you are interested in that and then Commissions moving forward...
  10. LesserL

    LesserL's thingies

    Gonna post here random stuff, mostly artwork. Here's a someone I made in MZ character creator and then just sketched:
  11. discocatman

    New sprites, might release template

    So I'm working on a game, and it has a TON of characters (I'd say about 100 or so?), so I thought I would throw some concept art/basic sprites in here on a random assortment of characters that I use in my game as well as other non-canon characters I just made for fun Characters: -Hwang (Canon)...
  12. GuipenguinTheMaster

    (Critique And Feedback Wanted) GuipenguinTheMaster's Stuff: Art, Music, etc.

    This thread is for posting the Art and Music i make!
  13. Xero Genesis

    OFFER Artist seeking projects

    Hey everyone! Looking to polish up some of my skills by making art. Message me if you have a game in the works that needs an illustrator for concept art! I'm looking for projects that get me excited to create. My Insta sketchbook Cheers, Xero
  14. Artists, please help me

    I am a huge idiot but that’s why I’m asking questions to people who know what they are doing instead of just winging it and messing everything up. I know that the size of the face portraits in my game have to be 144x144 when I put them in the game. But there’s no way that’s supposed to the...
  15. Maid Bedroom Tileset RPG Maker MV

    I am looking for a tile set in a similar style to RPG Maker MVs tile sets that resemble what would appear in a maid's room. I am looking for one with multiple different bed types/colors (like 2, maybe 3 or 4). I included some pictures to kinda show what type of thing I'm looking for. If you...
  16. New to RPGMakerMV

    Hi so I'm new to using RPGMaker and am currently trying to learn how to use it although its be a bit tough since there's so much to know to make even a small decent game >_< But so far I've been more focusing on the art assets than anything since I'm an artist and like making my own custom art...
  17. Krumpazoid

    General tips and advice for developing art assets?

    Hi! I apologize in advance if this is irrelevant to this particular sub-forum, but as someone hoping to flex their artistic muscles and begin creating custom assets, I was hoping you all would be willing to share general or specific tips pertinent to this side of things! Honestly, just...
  18. How can i make my title screen look more intresting

    im thinking of streching the background down a bit so its more around the middle of the screen im wondering what else i could add so it looks more intresting
  19. KawaiiKid

    Where is your favorite place to get commissioned art?

    I like using the classified section here on the RM forum when I can to help support other RM enthusiasts, but a lot of time what I'm looking for can't be found here. I was wondering if any of you had some excellent places you go to for commissions, or have any vouches for great artists? Thanks!
  20. Aslanemperor

    VX Ace; In need of a few small things

    To start: I would like several different things for use in a small project. This project will be free and available on Newgrounds when I'm finished. It's a small game (I'm aiming for about an hour of story content). Since there are several requests, I will make individual forms for each in...

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