1. Corfaisus

    Villain RPG: A Hero's Tale

    Villain RPG: A Hero's Tale Black, White and Gray   In every story and for every protagonist, there must be an antagonist. Whether this force that acts in the contrast of the "hero" is a physical being or simply a mental construct, conflict is what drives a story forward and what...
  2. Stormmer

    Article on Skill Trees

    Skill trees and talent trees are things you see in a lot of video games, including genres which previously had no common ground with RPGs. In this article I talk about some of the aspects a skill tree possesses, such as its shape, its restrictions and others, as well as touching a little bit of...
  3. Gomi Boy

    Finishing a Game

    One thing I've noticed in my ridiculously checkered history with the RM community is that, well, we're pretty bad at actually finishing what we start. I've seen dozens of games just drop off the radar completely at varying stages of development -- some of them I even liked! And it keeps...
  4. Reynard Frost

    Unreliable Narrators This is an article written by Nickolai Adkins in regards to the Unreliable Narrator in video games and movies. He uses Bioshock as a chief example in how the designer can make the player progress forward in a seemingly natural way, that can end with...
  5. Des


    Dungeons! Any RPG would be incomplete without them. The dungeons in your game are where the majority of the gameplay will take place—your dungeons are the meat of your game. You can expect your players to spend a lot of time—and a lot of thought—in your dungeons, so it’s important to make them...
  6. Des

    Your Fantasy Setting: Economy

    Most RPG Maker games take place within a fantasy world. Building these fantasy worlds can be one of the most fun and engaging parts of the RPG creation process! Drawing maps, creating cities, empires, and even unique races of people; developing your own fantasy setting is an integral part of...

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