1. TripToTheMun

    Harold Face-Busts

    Hi! I assume this is the right thread, if it's not I'm sorry. I've never made a thread on any website before. Anyways, I wanted high quality faces for the project I'm working on so I made some myself. Since I can't make high quality pixel art I figured I would make "busts" to replace the...
  2. Wakawaka24

    RMVXA Rough game idea

    Hello there! I'm super new, just barely learning the scene and languo with RPG Maker, and I was hoping to get some feedback or guidance on what I should do next for this project of mine! I'll be including rough images and a thread I made on Twitter for my more rambly thoughts. In short, this...
  3. Raexxar

    Need anime styled busts artist

    Hello, i am looking for artist that could draw for me busts in anime style for my game. It would be cool if this person could also draw full images (with background with specific poses etc.) and monsters like slimes, wolfs etc (but it's not necessary). Bust would be in this format: Main...
  4. Nightblade50

    Favorite music artists/genres/songs

    Hi all :) So I was wondering, what genres of music do you like? Rap, metal, classical, etc. And more specifically, favourite artists and songs, if applicable I like electronic most, with pop, rock, and rap coming up second. Deadmau5 is my favourite electronic artist and one of my favourite...
  5. wintersrain

    TRADE Rainbow Dawn: Looking for a Playtester!

    Hello, my name is Jake, and I've been working on my game, Rainbow Dawn for a little over a year now. Engine: RPG Maker MV. Synopsis: One day, you find yourself trapped in a dream state. You can't remember anything about yourself, where you came from, and why you've been asleep for so long...
  6. Kim_Shyuen

    FREE [CLOSED] Free artist looking for projects / team

    Hi everyone! I'm a freelancer artist from Malaysia and I would like to join some simple projects to build up my portfolio. I can draw character design / bust up/ face sets etc for free! (only for specific theme like cute/horror/fantasy...) Hope someone will interested in my artwork...Thanks...
  7. Kris_Gray

    TRADE Brave Hearts | Stardew x My Time At Portia RPG Open World

    Engine: RPGMaker MV Synopsis: You find yourself in Brave Heart Isle, remembering only your name.You are welcomed into Bravewood with open arms and love, a feeling you’ve never had before, so you stay for a little.However, the longer you stayed, the stranger things get and you fear that all of...
  8. Frain

    FREE WHITEOUT: Resurrection - Looking for female voice actor

    Engine: VX ACE Synopsis: WHITEOUT: Resurrection is a survival horror game set in Antarctica, Greenwich Island. Discover the secrets of the abandoned island by reading notes, explore the environment to reveal it's backstory, and eventually accomplish your main objective. Plot: The year is 2005...
  9. VitaliaDi

    Game Art Trade! Calling all artists

    I played Empty Head the other day by @Cutiesbae and at the end there was a fanart showcase. And it got me thinking I think it would be fun to do an art trade for someone's game. I draw some fanart of yours and you do some of mine! Tradesies. Potential to make some connections and also get our...
  10. Uzuki

    FREE Recruiting Team For DEX: Strange Residence

    Genre: Survival Horror RPG Engine: RPG Maker MV Estimated Time of Release: October 2020 --- ~~~Synopsis & Overview~~~ It's an average night for the paranormal detective, Jovon Williams; head to the Fincher Supernatural Museum and exorcize the spirits inside. But this job is different. The...
  11. OmnislashXX

    Recolor of Actor 2-2?!

    So uh...can I ask you wonderful artists on here for another favor? I'd like the Battler on the left have darker skin and pretty much look like the girl's face set on the right. Once again, any credits will be noted and placed into the game. Thank you in advance. (yes, she is a bad ..uh.. girl. )
  12. Bobt97

    Bobt97 Here

    Howdy everyone. Waaaaaay back in the day I used to regularly post on some rpg maker vx forums with the same username (around 2011ish). Back then I sucked at making games and everything I posted was awful but I loved doing it. It's been a few years now and I've got a bit of free time on my hands...
  13. kaleemmcintyre

    Looking for Old RPG MAKER Artist Hanekurabo

    Hello, I don't know where to post something like this, but I'm looking for an old artist named Hanekurabo who posted a lot of RPG Maker artwork (battlers/faceset) because I am using their work in my commercial game and I wanted to make sure that their work was still free to use. I vaguely...
  14. demifiend700

    FREE Aetheria (Recruiting Spriter)

    Plot: For hundreds of years, the kingdom of Lyonesse has been a shining beacon of hope and prosperity across the land. That all changed however, when a Lyonessian general named Eisenhardt sold his soul to the demon Apollyon in exchange for extraordinary power. With his newly obtained dark...
  15. Finnuval

    Need (digital) artist's help...

    Hi there, I made this crude, conceptual painting of what will become the title screen for my project... I know need someone to make a REAL picture from it :blush: The picture itself is a desert landscape with the main character looking into the distance. Any art-style will probably do as...
  16. Ruedefaux


    Well, I’ve never posted anything before, so HELLO, my name is Ruedefaux, and I am an illustrator that works primarily in narrative illustration and character illustration, mostly my own. I try to work in and practice as many styles as I can to expand my knowledge, so there’s a few different...
  17. JustinK

    FREE Harry Potter (and the Sorcerer's Stone) Game

    Hello there fellow RPG Makers! Like the title says I am looking for people who want to make a Harry Potter RPG Game with me. If you like Harry Potter, or just wizards and witches, read on and perhaps we will be working with each other very soon! As I am just starting out it is too much work to...
  18. Munkee

    [CLOSED] In Need of Logo Design

    Hello to all reading this. I'm currently developing a freeware title called Legend of the Sages, a semi-serious fantasy RPG where eight silly friends are plunged into a world-saving adventure against their will. As you saw in the title of this post, We've been needing a logo for this game...
  19. Ashalind

    Industry art pro by day, game maker hobbyist by night.

    Hello, my name is Ashalind. I am the Art Director of Australian game company Infinity Plus 2 (formerly Infinite Interactive). I love making game art, and I'm lucky that I get to do it for a living, but it's on my bucket list to make my own game. So I'm starting here with RM. My major game...
  20. Alecsis

    *Awkwardly Enters*

    Hello RPG Maker Forum. I am yet another speck of dust in this universe who has seen a computer and gone 'oooh shiny!' for of course a computer is simply a rock we have taught to think. I am also someone who has been everywhere in the digital world, - as a digital artist - as a gamer - as a coder...

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