1. FREE Heist

    Hopefully this is now in the right spot for this? BASIC INFO: About my game: SUMMARY: Kuro is a young cat who dreams of becoming a mage. Once day a message arrives, and he gets accepted into the dungeon program. And so his adventure begins, what lies before him is unknown. He will meet many...
  2. Ace2Shoes

    FREE Spots open for Nintendo crossover fan-game.

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: "Nintenworld Legends" (working title) is a turn-based RPG which follows naive protagonist Ren, and his two allies, Wario and Waluigi, as they travel through various Nintendo worlds, with the aim of powering their spaceship to get Wario and Waluigi back to the...
  3. DestinyBattle

    FREE Looking for a team of developers for a relatively short action RPG

    Engine: RPG Maker Ace Name of the game: Nost Concordia meaning "Our Harmony" Synopsis: Depression has been released from the Moon, and it’s disrupting the harmony in the Nerve System. A girl (unnamed yet), is forced out of her city and forced to find a way to stop the depression epidemic...
  4. Vulgore Entertainment

    FREE In need of an artist

    Engine: MV Synopsis: We are in need of an artist, any art style is acceptable, for our current project we need someone who is skilled at designing both characters, and tiles, as they would be essentially replacing all of MV's default assets with original artwork. It would be recommended for...
  5. LilacFlower

    FREE Team Needed for "Dystopia"

    My name is Lila, and for the past two years I have been working on developing a concept which I believe would best come across as an RPG Maker game. I have many ideas, however to bring these ideas to life I will be needing a team, I cannot do such an ambitious project alone. What is Dystopia...
  6. Shimbius

    Endless Dungeon [Recruitment]

    Hello world! My name is Matthew, and I am picking up work again on a project that has begun falling short after the summer. The name of the project is Endless Dungeon, and you can probably guess the premise from the title. That's right, a short visual novel with little to no gameplay! No, this...
  7. ahzoh

    Augmented Realities - looking for artists and musicians as teammates

    Hello, my name is Ahzoh and I'm working on an rpgmaker XP project titled "Augmented Realities" until I can find a more suitable title. You can take a look at my official project page here: http://save-point.org/thread-5713.html I would also add that I am a dedicated and meticulous worker in...
  8. XTheRedZombieX

    Artist Needed

    Hey guys how are you doing? I've been working on this RPG game for quite the while and I such at drawing. Like I straight up suck at drawing. I need an artist to draw the game character, and if he\she could do a cover as well. We can talk about it, and of course your name will be added to...
  9. Shepard

    Spriters/Artists Needed!

    So, I want to start a new project for RPG Maker MV and it's something I actually want to finish, but I don't think I'm going to get anywhere with this game if I don't really have any help as doing this solo would just lead me to forgetting about the project completely. The project I'm working on...
  10. Forthright

    The Ember Series: A New Fire (UPDATED SCREENSHOTS)

    Hello RPG Maker forum ladies and gents! We just wanted to update you guys and let you know the latest on where our game The Ember Series: A New Fire currently is.  We have the Early Access page up on Steam, and there is a short demo of the game available there as well. We are still actively...
  11. Wyrdist

    Title Artist Requested

    Hey kids. So I'm working on a project called "Alexandria" which can be found right hurr. Now of course, every not-creative game needs a title screen to go along with it. So, I'm requesting either an artist to design a logo for me (for free), or someone to redirect me to a Graphics Shop of some...
  12. SeeD

    Amethyst Order - Team Recruitment

               Amethyst Order [Previously known as Avalon: Tatarus Arc] is the first installment from Reverie Studios.  We've just started our DEV this year and would love it if there's people who would be interested to join our projects. There's 4 more in...
  13. Dirge

    Isabella - Looking for Team Members (Currently: Artists, Mappers)

    Greetings, everyone! I'm Dirge, part of the dev team at Hall of Nerd. We're hard at work on our debut title, Isabella, and we need YOU (for specific variables of "you".)   Currently, we are on the hunt for fine folk to fill these positions: Artist: Isabella began life as a comic book concept...
  14. SaintInix

    Hall of Nerd needs you! (Recruiting developers, artists and musicians)

    Hall of Nerd has a varied history, born of two friends and their vision for games, gaming and the love of everything nerd-tastic. Steeped in that love, is a genre of games no one can forget, RPGs. The plucky graphics, bouncing sprites and bonus of saving a fictional digital world, always drew...
  15. Comedy RPG Game: Recruiting

    A long time ago a knight (Sir Vant) was looked down upon by his fellow knights. When on a small quest whilst the others saved the world he discovered a powerful source of dark energy. He used it to wreak havoc upon the kingdom. The rest of the knights lead by the bravest of all (Sir Vivor) went...
  16. Keniisu

    Octanis [Recruitment]

    The Recruitment Thread What is this project? Well where do we start? Our main protagonist, Zunos has been always a man of trouble. Everywhere he went he had brought chaos and disruption in his path. Though recently he has decided to go under hiding, and with the gold he had earned from his...
  17. JeffreyMoon92

    [WE NEED MAPERS, PLEASE! :)] Engwer Chronicles - Volume I.

    Last update 08.05.2014: Added "Honourable Contributors"   Backstory Engwer was once a glorious kingdom of safety, wealth and well being. Respected by his enemies, loved by his friends. Unfortunately, every empire meets its fate. An unknown force of the south has risen, later called the...
  18. xSparkZx

    Recruiting artists

    TOPIC CLOSED This game seems to be uninteresting for everyone here...i take that as a lesson. I've seen other projects and to be honest, comparing to my game my game sucks ***** I'll start a new project (don't know when, and i'll improve my skills, like learning photoshop and stuff. I'll...
  19. Lifestorm

    [Recruitment] Miasma: a Turn Based Tactics RPG (GTBS Engine)

    (Updated 4/23/14)   Rated 14+ for Political Content, Social Commentary, Mild Language, and Suspense Hi everyone! Hope everything's going well! My name is Jimmy (aka Lifestorm), and it's really nice to meet you all. I've always been a fan of Tactical RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics and...
  20. Kaza2929

    [WANTED MAPPER] Development Team for Twice Upon The End

    "Twice we were told, about the fairy tale that will never end."   Story Twice Upon The End is a story told through the RPG Maker VX Ace engine.   Five years have passed since the boy named Eric Shin thwarted the corrupt King known as Cronus. Inspired by the views of the courageous boy...

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