1. LesserL

    LesserL's thingies

    Gonna post here random stuff, mostly artwork. Here's a someone I made in MZ character creator and then just sketched:
  2. VeeSheeb

    from bad logo, to logo i like, to full title screen

    i wanted to post some more visual asset progress of my game! So, "Petland" was originally a placeholder that i wanted to change, but i decided that it was whimsical and cutesy enough to stay, as well as me not really coming up with anything else this was the first logo i made, and it already...
  3. Mikachip

    What part of your game do you usually work on first?

    I'm an artist before I became interested in game development, which is why I chose rpg maker as the game engine since I have no coding knowledge. When I started making my game, I learned the basics of rpg maker mv then started working on the art of the game: character portraits, sprites etc...
  4. 48Tentacles

    48Tentacles's Artwork (Updated 12/OCTOBER/2022)

    Hi. Testing, testing. Does this thing work? My name is 48Tentacles, and while I just posted something in my status page, I think there are a few reasons to post things in a specific thread to keep everything compiled and because you do have limits when writing your status, which is...
  5. Hyouryuu-Na

    Suggestions for improving artwork and getting faster at it

    Hello! Not many people know this but I draw sometimes and really enjoy it ^^ I'm still very inexperienced. Today I tried making a character portrait after a verry verry long time because my mid exams have just ended and I wanted to do something different and relaxing. As I don't get that much...
  6. Nika

    Illustrator/ Concept artist

    Hi! My name is Nicoleta Stavarache, I am a freelance Illustrator/Concept artist and currently looking for freelance work. If you want to see some more work, feel free to check out my portfolio: http://nicoletastavarache.blogspot.com You can contact me at: nika_wong@yahoo.com I look forward to...
  7. RickelmiArtist

    Rickelmi Gallery

    I am an artist that is always wanting to improve, hope you guys like my artwork.
  8. Nivlacart

    Unpaid commissioned artwork - Is it ethical for me to use as I please?

    Hey guys, I really don’t want to air dirty laundry, but I needed to get an opinion on this as fellow developers and creators. I finished a huge commission about half a year ago. However, the customer seems to have completely gone off the radar. It’s been a year. Uncontactable in every channel...
  9. Vaena

    Unimportant NPCs in visual novels- how to portray them?

    The title sums this up, but I am curious what all of your thoughts are on those extra NPCs. The ones with only a handful of dialogue. Does it change based on what type of game you are building/reading/playing? Do you have a different stance as a dev vs a gamer? For example: I am building a...
  10. phamtruong1992

    [Graphics][Character,Sprite] My little Stickman Figure can't be this cute!

    Ore no Imōto ga... wrong anime, excuse me. Joke, i don't watch that anime. Hence i don't even watch anime anymore, it's been years. And here is the real deal. I provide Stickman figure sprites and artwork!!! As the title says, my workshop is named "My little Stickman can't be this cute!"...
  11. melancholy-sama

    Melancholic Drawings

    Uh...Hi! I have decided to show you some of my artworks, made just for fun.
  12. Brigg

    Artwork Permissions for outside Projects

    Hi all So I read in a GM post that you cannot use the artwork (which I'm assuming is part of the RTP) for anything other than an RPG project without special permissions. "-- You may contact us for special permission to use resource packs outside a project. Not all permissions are granted, but...
  13. SkullCraZe

    I Need Title Screen Art

    Resource Type: I need a Static Image I use MV as an FYI Art Style: Art Original it can be in your own format I want it to be unqiue Description: I need a static images for two characters full body running. I will at least need 2 different versions of the picture I will love it if I can get 2...
  14. Tamsyn548

    Thomas' Art

    I made some artwork, and so I will post it here. Good artwork I am proud of, drawn on paper: I am aware that the bust on the woman in the dress is too high. I only saw that after inking it. :( What do you think? Rotten old artwork that I now hate: I am always wide open to suggestions on...
  15. SkullCraZe

    In Need of Art!

    Resource Type: I need static frame by frame images I use MV as an FYI Art Style: Art Original it can be in your own format I want it to be unqiue Description: I need static frame by frame images for two characters full body running or half of the body to where you can at least see the arms...
  16. SkullCraZe

    I need Title Art

    Resource Type: I need a Static Image I use MV as an FYI Art Style: Art Original it can be in your own format I want it to be unqiue Description: I need a static images for two characters full body running. I will at least need 2 different versions of the picture I will love it if I can get 2...
  17. spritemight

    Sprite Might - Sketches

    Welcome to Sprite Might Sketches! I thought it would be fun to share some of my fan art and design sketches with you all! I hope you enjoy! (If I find a sketch I would like to share I'll just update the category at a later date!) Character Sketches Clothing Sketches Prop/Item Sketches...
  18. Hollow 1977

    How do you like your manga?

    Hi everyone! So what makes manga worth reading for you. Is it the explosive battles? Maybe the romance between characters? It could be the overall nature of the story laid out. Or maybe the it's awesome artwork. So tell me what makes manga awesome for you? For me it's the art and the battles...
  19. Gabrelik

    When is an original knockoff too much like the source material for use?

    While the title of this thread might imply an oxymoron, let me explain: For the sake of argument, a client wishes to include elements in a project which inspire subtle to non-so-subtle homages to known characters. Original artwork, but intended to look like existing characters as a means of...
  20. Help Required. I need help finding a roswell type tilset depicting the crash of the supposed UFO.

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me to find a tileset that is quite reminiscent of the map of Roswell within the game Destroy All Humans. I am creating a project and need a map depicting the supposed UFO crash in Roswell 1947.  Thanks in advance for any help received.

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