1. Ultim

    The Quest : Darkblade

                                         THE QUEST : DARKBLADE                                                                   A Protector and Knight's Journey STATUS : 30% Developement                                                                               STORY 4000 Years ago,a great...
  2. Silvestre

    Trials and Tribulations

    Synopsis Main Characters Features Screenshots Credits You can find the game's download links with and without RTP files here.
  3. Indrah

    Sunken Spire [Game Released]

                Click on the image above or the link below (they all the same thing, but we like pretty things and know some people have trouble viewing images) <Game Download> Download Notes: This is the contest release version. As expected, we had a very, VERY tight deadline and a lot of things...
  4. Aegix Drakan

    Any lore about elves/sharp ears/their equivalents?

    Ok, so I'm heavily considering making a little game in this setting (firstly, because Dead Moon Night and Grumpy Knight both made me fall in love with it, and secondly because a somewhat comedic game will definitely not fit in the game world I've already created). Now, I've seen in the main...
  5. Indrah

    In Search of Freedom [Demo out!]

      Shannon, a healer arrested for a crime she claims was purely an accident (It doesn’t count as stealing if no one was properly guarding it! How was she even supposed to know it was important?) is forced, under Corvlian Law, to pay for her crimes in the form of service. Together with her...
  6. The Rift Mazes: A History

    In an attempt to add something of value to the world of Arum, I present to you, my dear readers and fellow developers, a thread to discuss a possible cultural response to the dangers of magic, the Rift Maze.  This idea may seem too obvious, but I felt the need to share anyway, because it may be...
  7. Indrah

    Arum Helpdesk

    The Arum Helpdesk Here go any questions about the setting you have and that are not already answered in the Faqs and general info. Feel free to make questions and I'll answer as soon as I can.
  8. pawsplay

    Secret of the Summoner (Early dev)

    I thought I would go ahead and start posting for early project feedback. Most of the look is currently RTP stuff, with a couple of generator faces and some minor color edits. The maps are still very simplistic while I work on chaining the chapters. I've attached a battler for a Subterranean...
  9. Indrah

    In Search of Immortality

      Ulstern’s Alchemy Guild has received a secret tip on the whereabouts of Tarneus’ tomb, rumoured to hold the Elixir of Immortality. However, Tarneus disappeared before anyone could see if this was true, and the place has remained a mystery until now. The party will travel to the tomb, hidden...
  10. Zetu

    Arum Calender

    One thing I believe is that every universe needs is a calender. Since this is a fantasy world, I doubt we would want to use "Monday", "Tuesday", or "January", "February". That is why I am proposing a new calender for Arum. 12 months and 7 days may be too many terms for users to deal with...
  11. Indrah

    Link Centre [Drop by if you’re lost!]

    Welcome to the Arum hub! Here you’ll find the easy, tagged and ordered links to everything you need to know about Arum. Information and reference topics *All of these topics are for reference only and locked* Forum and game submission rules Arum Information (Setting and basic info. Newbies...
  12. Indrah


    Arum Subforum Rules -All rules from the forum (read them here) apply to the Arum subforum. -You may post discussion, resources, and anything else related to Arum. -Only Arum-related discussion and games may be posted here. This means no off-topic or program support topics. Arum world rules...
  13. Indrah

    Arum Glossary

    -under construction. Definitions and stuff will go here-
  14. Indrah

    Arum World Map

    This topic will contain all versions of the world map: -Blank (no countries) normal/climate maps. -Final (counries from finished games only) normal/climate maps. -Development (all submitted active countries) normal/climate maps.   Blank Maps Keep in mind the scale is HUGE. What may seem a...
  15. Indrah

    The Arum Archives [Game-fomat tutorial]

    [Hidden] -this topic is under heavy construction and not complete yet. Sorry for the inconvenience- Since I know no one likes reading walls of text or the opening posts very much, I made a game version of the information. It will get updated with new maps and game info as needed, so I really...
  16. Indrah

    Map Donations

    Donated Maps   What are Donated Maps? Simply, they’re complete maps developers donate for anyone to use. Anyone may donate their maps , from a project or unused, for everyone to use. This means you could simply pick up a map pack and have the maps ready and available to use as is. You could...
  17. Indrah


    Frequently Asked Questions Why won’t you accept my ideas on magic/tech/etc for the canon? Because we’re not interested. Those things belong to your projects, not the universal setting’s core rules. What we deal in are actual CORE CANON RULES for the world. This means that whatever gets made a...
  18. Indrah

    Update Logbook

    --This topic will hold notices of all events, updates and major changes-- [10/12/2013] Spring cleaning (more like dead winter, Indrah is so busy with other things she's taking solance in another task cleaning OTL) [10/03/2013] Start-up Created new subforum topics and start of reconstruction...
  19. Indrah

    Game Master List

    Welcome! Here we will list what games made in the Arum universe are complete, who made them, and in what countries of Arum they happen. It will also serve as a quick link and sorted out list to check out what games are related to a specific country for easy of gathering info as well as seeing...
  20. Indrah

    Announcement: New subforum! We finally have a home.

    Hello everyone, the most wonderful thing happened! (As you’ve already seen. Probably.) We got our own subforum! Break out the trumpets and start the celebration party! So, what will go here? Everything related to the Arum Universe. Information, rules, submissions, games finished and in...

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