1. xana48

    how can the player create characters at the start?

    I want to make features like the Ninja Saga game ... might look like that game ... and I want to make one where the player can make the character at the beginning of the game is there a tutorial or demo that has features like this? like in this picture
  2. Looking for parts to set up an RPG environment

    I would like to know if you to know any website that specializes in RPG, as I am looking for walls and floor and RPG objects to set up a game environment, I would be grateful for a possible answers!
  3. nicenurse

    How do I put a character in the map that isn't a protagonist?

    The question is simple: I have 4 main characters in my game, but you can use only one. BUT. I want to put the other 3 characters in the map, but every time I insert them in database>system>group>actors, the other characters just follow the main character which is not what I want. I basically...
  4. Kino

    EIS ASK System [Updated: 1.03]

    Intro: A plugin that allows the developer to create in-text information. This plugin creates the ASK system like in the game Wild Arms 3. It allows you to select text within a message window, and ask about that word or phrase. Version: 1.03 ChangeLog: Small fix for multiple windows...
  5. DKP

    Remove Description RPG MAKER VX ACE ( request )

    Hello members, i want to ask you all something, i want to remove/hide the description in my actor's status, anyone know the answer ? or the step ? thank you :)
  6. Aomikki

    Do RM2k3 uses Common event for script or they really have?

    Okay... So, I had seen the engine of RM2k3 and I didn't found anything about script editor. Browsed around the internet, they said that the script can be write in the common event. I also took a peek inside the common event feature and it wasn't that bad. However, it made me curious where do the...
  7. BoluBolu

    Can I Get Some Explanation About Plane ?

    The title does say what I need help for.. Basically I don't know Plane class in RGSS3 used for, so any help about explaining it would be very appreciated, help this noob scripter please :) I actually found this   def create_parallax @parallax = Plane.new(@viewport1) @parallax.z = -100...

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