1. Question about resources

    Hello everyone! Well, i had many years using RPG Maker and i played some commercial games made with it, my question is: In quality terms, it's possible to sell games using the resources that came with the main software and the dlc's? You would buy a game made with that assets? Thank you. :D
  2. Non-RM Assets

    Hello all, I noticed that the Non-RM products are no longer listed on the site. Anybody has any information on this? I own some products that had non-rm licences, I'm not sure what their situation is now. Can someone help clear which assets can be used outside of RPG-Maker? I really hoped...
  3. _Shadow_

    Assets of DLCs and compatibility between them

    There are assets like RTP that have a lot of edits. There are assets like DS, DS+ and DS Retro Sci Fi superb assets. There are @Celianna's magnificent assets. We all know that these assets might not work well together as they are. For instance I would personally love to use RTP with DS and...
  4. How to delete default assets? (default tilesets, items etc.)

    How to delete default assets? (default tilesets, items etc.) I don't need them and they get in the way of custom assets.  Also how do i back them up in case i need them later.  Thanks. 
  5. New Developer - Some questions about RPGMaker-VX-Ace.

    Hi, I discovered the existence of RPGMaker-VX-Ace only a few minutes ago and I need some questions answered; the website is ambiguous about some points. 1.  If I buy RPGMaker-VX-Ace, what assets do I get with it? It is not clear to me that any assets are provided. A database of tilesets...

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