1. Trihan

    Trilobytes VX Ace #2: Bonus Stat Allocation (v1.11 now available!)

    Bonus Stat Allocation version 1.11 Created by Trihan Introduction This script allows you to open a scene to assign a specified number of bonus points to an actor's stats. It is highly configurable and can be used for a variety of things. It was originally commissioned by Clyve for a mercenary...
  2. Changing Default Gamepad key assignments

    Whenever I share my game the Gamepad assignments go back to the default (Button 1,2,3 goes back to A,B,C etc.).  I am aware that these can be accessed by F1, but I want all versions of my game to start with the same controls.  I would like to know where in the game I can edit this so that the...

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When a parent (of a less than adult aged child) is like
"Oh, I'm like a friend to my child. We're friends."
I'm like
"Oh, that kid's gonna suck...."
Baby tiger gets a belly rub! ^.^
--- Friendship System ---

(F.Mage and F.Healer's FP is 100)
F.Mage: We did it! we can beat the monster easily!
F.Healer: With the Friendship System,we got stronger thanks to you F.Mage (Hugging)
F.Mage: (Blushing) Ahh...don't say like that. we are Best Friend Forever.
(In Distand)
M.Mage: They look happy...
M.Healer: Yeah...always like that...

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