1. sassykenzie1

    Help with Moghunter/Atelier Rgss Weather EX Plugin

    I'm trying to get leaves to flutter across the screen using Moghunter's Weather EX and I copied the following command from Moghunter's plugin demo: All I changed was the second string from a 0 to a 1, though I tested it with post variables. Instead of having leaves across the whole screen they...
  2. SefirosuKuraodo

    Add-On Request: Skill Hotbar for MOGHunter's "LMBS" Plugin

    Hello all! Long time reader, first-time poster. I'm wondering if it's possible to create some sort of add-on plugin, or adapt the LMBS plugin itself, to work with a visible hotbar instead of assigning skills to clunky directional/jumping/skill button combos and playing the memory game? I love...
  3. Silenity

    MOG Time System Bug

    Hello. I'm using MOG's Time System plugin which can be found here: https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rmv-time-system/ I have a 28 day month and 13 month calendar which is the international fixed calendar. Info found here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Fixed_Calendar At the...
  4. Need Help With Editing Plugin Script

    Hi all! I was just wondering if somebody could help me edit a minor script in Mog Hunter's Battle hud plugin. I am using this in conjuction with yanfly's battle engine core and action seq packs. I tried contacting Mog Hunter tru email but havent received any response yet. The problem is...
  5. Prodigy 1216

    FREE Battle HUD

    Heya guys, As typed above, I have made a Battle Hud for RM VX Ace with compatibility with MOG's/ Atelier's awesome Battle HUD Ex Script: You can them here: https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/  Anyway, here is the HUD I made free for Non and Commercial Use. Credits is a MUST. n_n and here...
  6. Prodigy 1216

    Atelier's Active Chain Commands + Hide until learned

    Dear Community, Okay, I am doing a few experiments on MOG/Atelier's Scripts to make my project awesome. Anyway, I was trying to do a Zell's duel system like in FF8. However,the chaining was fine but it seems like the skill will be used even if it was unlearned. So anyone can help me with this...
  7. Prodigy 1216

    Atelier's ATB system and Default Battle sytem ( No Command Layout)

    Hi there, As you can see, I am having problems with Moghunter's ATB system. Instead of using Moghunter's Battle HUD option: Command_Layout, I set it to be Default battle system. It worked at first, however after installing the Moghunter's ATB system, the commands are not in the screen during...
  8. Schplee

    [Ace] Autosave calls with MOG_Scene_File_A

    Hi, I was wondering if any clever scripters could lend a hand with this problem. I am having trouble getting Todds autosave to work nicely with the Atelier MOG_Scene_File_A savescreen GUI.    The Atelier script has custom variables for time, location and other data. Todds script just creates a...
  9. How do I install Moghunter HUD?

    Hi, I'm new here please excuse my noob question. I just downloaded Moghunter's HUD pack from here http://www.atelier-rgss.com/RGSS/Battle/ACE_BAT23.html, I'm able to run the demo and see the HUDS, but how do I add them to my own project? Do I need to copy some files from the demo pack? Or is...
  10. Arisete™

    MOG Character Select (very small edit)


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