1. 22pepperjack

    custom attack on state expire bug? Yanfly States&Buffs

    so im not sure if this is the best method for doing this, but it seems to ALMOST work. im using Yanfly's Buffs and States Core and yanflys STB scripts Buffs and States Core Standard Turn Battle what ive done is add in a custom skill for the player character: when the skill is used it...
  2. Ivan_the_Terrible

    Redirecting leftover attacks

    Greetings, fellow bipeds! I have a question regarding multiple attacks in battle. In the game I am working on, some party characters can attack more than once during turns (meaning, on each turn, they'll attack an enemy two or three times instead of once) and if they defeat the enemy in...
  3. Karbonic

    Button Mash Attack

    Hi, I'm looking for a button mash based attack. I am aware of SRDude's timed mash attack, but it isn't what i'm looking for. Is there a way to make an attack where each time the player hits a button in a certain amount of time, it will count as another attack? Something like you'd see in one of...
  4. tale


    Torigoya_QuickSkill - 2017/05/02 (blog posted: 2015-10-29) Creator name: Ru/むっくRu (Rutan) Overview A skill that doesn't use up a turn and quickly attacks enemy. Features - Quick skill can be used without having the whole party complete their action. Notes: - It's meant for characters in your...
  5. Frankster300

    25% Chance to gain 25% MP after a successful "Attack"

    Ok, this is going to get complicated very fast... Heres what i want: On every "Attack" action on a specific character: If the attack deals damage, the user who uses this action has a 25% chance to gain 25% of their own maximum mp back. In theory, i also want this to work if a "Attack" action...
  6. Thordon123

    Several tough problems

    Hi guys, I'm new to the game and just started screwing around with it. I've been working towards fine-tuning my battle system and have come up against the sort of problems that googling doesn't seem to solve. I have three big problems at the moment that I just can't seem to fix, and I was hoping...
  7. Thordon123

    Hit Chance Buff+Attack Skill

    Hi all, I'm working on a combat system at the moment where players can choose to either dodge or attack with extra accuracy each turn. What I want, ultimately, is for the player to choose a skill ( called "Aimed Attack") that works like a normal attack, but gives a 1-turn duration 30% boost to...
  8. IamJustice743

    Wheel of Fortune Attack/Skill

    I want to make a skill for my game that works similar to the Fortune Arcana boss's ability in Persona 3: when the skill is activated, it randomly picks either the enemy's entire team or the player's entire team and it inflicts a random effect to each player on that side of the field. This...
  9. Parallax Panda

    Switch weapon skill & Remove battle commands

    Instead of making two separate topics I'd like to ask two questions in regard to my battle system. My first request would be instructions of how I can remove the [Attack] and [Guard] battle commands completely. I'd also like to "move" the [Item] command and place it within one of my two skill...
  10. kongu2910

    Attack Scaling w/ Other Parameter Rates

    I am attempting to create a formula to calculate ATK that takes the parameter rates for both ATK and AGI into account. I'm currently using Yanfly's Base Parameter Control plugin to try and attempt this. Here is an excerpt from the formula I'm using to achieve this: base * user.hit * 10.41 +...
  11. Attacks not connecting

    So I've been trying to figure out what I did wrong. My attacks are not connects for SV actors or enemy. The attack animation plays but there is no damage calculated, the numbers pop up and no hit sound effects. I undid everything that I previously did but still there is something wrong. Does...
  12. Benja

    Enemy emoting to getting hit, attacking, etc.

    Hiya. I'm looking for a script that would allow enemies to change battlers based on action taken in battle. i.e. An enemy gives a pained look when hit, then goes back to normal. Or an enemy attacks, giving a face of anger, then goes back to normal. Any help is appreciated!
  13. Harken_W

    Enable targeting/selection when under rage/berserk.

    I'd like a plugin that will allow me to still select my target when my character is under a rage/berserk state (Can only attack). This will allow my character(s) under the rage state to just keep attacking, without me having to select 'attack', but will allow me to choose the target of their...
  14. Sanquil

    Element Rate Problem

    So, in my current project, I've designed an skill, Stitch Up, that deals damage in it's own unique element, Torn. All enemies have a 0% Rate to torn because the skill is supposed to be a follow up kind of attack that only works if the Torn State is applied to the target. I've set the Torn State...
  15. AdamSakuru

    Conditional Branch - Check if Ambush/Preemptive strike

    I have an event that runs at the start of every battle that switches between a "Command Phase" visual (chose actions) and a "Battle Phase" visual (actions are acted out). I want to skip the first part if the party was ambushed (as it would just go to the "Battle Phase" right off the bat.) I...
  16. Morpheus

    Cancel Attack & Defense in Status Menu

    So looking at the status window, I want to disable "Attack" & "Defense" from being selectable. This snippet from "Window_Status" controls that, I assume. Changing the "6.times" to "4.times" disables the bottom two, Agility & Luck is there a way to disable the top two, Attack & Defense using a...
  17. Rink27

    Force a missed attack

    Hey, is there a script command to force an (incoming) attack to miss? I've seen these threads:
  18. Aien2323

    Disable attack window during battle?

    Okay so I have Mog Hunter's Action Name plugin, but during battle it basically shows what action I'm doing twice. How do I disable the default message (in red) from RMMV so it only shows the action name (in blue) enabled by Mog Hunter?
  19. Anorgar

    Display attack on map or during event

    Hi. I would like to know if it's possible to diplay an attack animation, for exemple swing attack, and display the weapon animation during an event on the map. If it is, how can I do that? I havn't seen any command to do so in the event manager. Thanks in advance.
  20. Nutty171

    [MV] Disable the "Attack" command entirely

    In my game, there are many skills, and not one specific "normal attack". So I'd like to remove "attack" (Skill #1) from the list of options. How do I do this? Do I need a plugin?

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