1. Harken_W

    Enable targeting/selection when under rage/berserk.

    I'd like a plugin that will allow me to still select my target when my character is under a rage/berserk state (Can only attack). This will allow my character(s) under the rage state to just keep attacking, without me having to select 'attack', but will allow me to choose the target of their...
  2. Sanquil

    Element Rate Problem

    So, in my current project, I've designed an skill, Stitch Up, that deals damage in it's own unique element, Torn. All enemies have a 0% Rate to torn because the skill is supposed to be a follow up kind of attack that only works if the Torn State is applied to the target. I've set the Torn State...
  3. AdamSakuru

    Conditional Branch - Check if Ambush/Preemptive strike

    I have an event that runs at the start of every battle that switches between a "Command Phase" visual (chose actions) and a "Battle Phase" visual (actions are acted out). I want to skip the first part if the party was ambushed (as it would just go to the "Battle Phase" right off the bat.) I...
  4. Morpheus

    Cancel Attack & Defense in Status Menu

    So looking at the status window, I want to disable "Attack" & "Defense" from being selectable. This snippet from "Window_Status" controls that, I assume. Changing the "6.times" to "4.times" disables the bottom two, Agility & Luck is there a way to disable the top two, Attack & Defense using a...
  5. Rink27

    Force a missed attack

    Hey, is there a script command to force an (incoming) attack to miss? I've seen these threads: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/force-miss-command.62636/#post-604303...
  6. Aien2323

    Disable attack window during battle?

    Okay so I have Mog Hunter's Action Name plugin, but during battle it basically shows what action I'm doing twice. How do I disable the default message (in red) from RMMV so it only shows the action name (in blue) enabled by Mog Hunter?
  7. Anorgar

    Display attack on map or during event

    Hi. I would like to know if it's possible to diplay an attack animation, for exemple swing attack, and display the weapon animation during an event on the map. If it is, how can I do that? I havn't seen any command to do so in the event manager. Thanks in advance.
  8. Nutty171

    [MV] Disable the "Attack" command entirely

    In my game, there are many skills, and not one specific "normal attack". So I'd like to remove "attack" (Skill #1) from the list of options. How do I do this? Do I need a plugin?
  9. tylerash

    Way to give enemies unique attack sounds?

    I'm currently using Yep's Animated SVE enemies and am enjoying it a lot. But I want to give unique sounds to different enemies when they hit the player, rather than just the generic attack sound that always plays. Is there a plugin that can do this or something?
  10. Attack option in Combat Won't work.

    Okay so I'm working on a project I'm calling Shattered Souls, each of the four main characters are going to have their own attack skill. I was trying to set this up for the main character and set their base attack as skill 1 and deleted "Attack" from that slot. I went to test the battle to make...
  11. Stonga

    How do I make actor specific 'normal' attacks in MV?

    I've seen scripts for VX Ace that allow special normal attacks per character, but yet i cant seem to find out how to do it in MV. What I'd like is to be able to have some characters have the normal "Attack" option (which uses the first skill slot in the editor), and other characters use perhaps...
  12. TheLegendOfWolf

    Battle direct attack after selection

    With the default battle system, when playing with a party, you can select every party member's action, then they will execute them in a chain. Like member one casts 'Heal', member two attacks, etc. This all happens in a sequence. I would like to have a different system. To be exact...
  13. jezebelthenun

    Dual Actor Combo Move

    It's me again!  I'm wondering if there's a way to create a dual actor combo in which, when one actor's special move is used, there's a "team up" with another actor for a combo attack in which they both complete an action? That's probably explained poorly, but help is appreciated.
  14. TriceratopsX

    Clumsy attacker?

    So I was wondering if it would be possible to make a character where when they'd go to use magic, instead of it casting the correct spell it would cast a random spell instead (kinda like metronome from pokemon, only with every spell, and only with that one character) Any help is appreciated
  15. Blair Pendragon

    All attacks or Skills trigger a special spell attack?

    I was a bit disappointed when Counter Attack prevents all physical dmg taken. But that is ok, as I was wanting a completely different effect anyways, so what I'm now looking to do, is have a character who ALWAYS casts a unique offensive spell, after every basic normal attack, or offensive skill...
  16. Golden Fish Entertainment

    Weapon Animations not Occurring

    Been fiddling around with different weapon types (guns, swords, etc) and have noticed that no matter what animation is selected for the weapon in database, the normal attack option always uses the same animation. It's my understanding that the weapon animation should overwrite whatever the...
  17. xanax48

    AAS (Auto Attack Syndrome)

    Is it just me or does it seem like many games have some kind of auto attack built in? This is a system wherein you select one action (auto) and watch as AI fights the battle for you. It's flooding the mobile market these days and is nothing new, I remember it's in Suikoden 1, a console games...
  18. Attack Command Animation and Targeting Change

    Hello, I couldn't find an answer to this through my searches, but it's probably a very easy fix.  I want to change the Attack and Guard commands into an Offense Stance and Defense Stance command.  I've already changed the relative skills in the skill list to represent the change, changing the...
  19. MiniBeast2002

    Question: Attack Area

    The attack animations go to the middle like in a normal battle, and not a side view battle. Is that because the resolution is too high? Is there a way to fix it?
  20. GoodSelf

    Spamming the Attack Button

    I'm early in my testing, and I'm working on balancing out skills and stats using a bunch of Yanfly's plugins (which can be found here). I think my math is correct so far, but I've come to another issue: I win battles by spamming the attack button. Now obviously, this is poor design on my...

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